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Design And Implementation Of Business Process Engine Based On Microservice Architecture

Posted on:2022-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306773997429Subject:Master of Engineering
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With the development of computer technology and the popularization of mobile phone applications,the information needs of enterprises,colleges and government organizations are becoming more and more complex,resulting in the complexity and variability of business needs.Therefore,in software design,workflow technology is usually used to manage the business process,which separates the management from the business process,makes the business data and business management independent,and realizes the automation of business management.The traditional business process engine still has some problems in business processing,such as complex architecture,low flexibility,difficult integration with application system and so on.To solve the above problems,this paper proposes a lightweight distributed business process engine.Firstly,it expounds the research background and significance of business process engine.Combined with the research status of business process engine at home and abroad,it determines the goal of the design and implementation of process engine based on micro service architecture,and gives the architecture design scheme of business process engine.Then,a model extended from the concept of state machine is proposed to describe the definition of business process,and the concept of life cycle of model elements is proposed.A JSON based business process definition language ESMDL is designed,and the attributes,events and application scenarios of six process definition elements in ESMDL are described in turn.This paper summarizes the concepts,application business scenarios and flow charts of common business process patterns,describes each pattern with ESMDL,and verifies the feasibility of the syntax definition of ESMDL.Finally,based on the micro service architecture,the detailed design and implementation of key technical points are given for the core module of process engine,process execution engine,external business call interface,business process designer and business process monitoring.The design of business process engine does not pursue complex system,only realize the necessary functions.The goal is to make users easy to learn and use.It makes the definition of business process easier and reduces the complexity of process state machine;The performance of business process engine is greatly improved by adopting different temporal storage design structures for data with high frequency of use;Through the standardized design of each interface of business process,the complexity of business process engine integration is reduced;Through the visual process definition design tool,the business process can be configured quickly.Based on the micro service architecture,a business process engine with high flexibility,high scalability,high availability and lightweight is constructed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Process Engine, Business Process Definition, Distributed, State Machine
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