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1. A Distributed Architecture For Interactive Robots Based On A Knowledge Software Platform
2. Selected Problems On Mining Massive Strfaming Data
3. Distributed Optimization Control Of The Multi-agcnt Systems
4. Parallel And Distributed Optimization In-Network: Algorithms And Applications
5. The Research On Algorithms Of Distributed Compressed Sensing And Their Applications
6. Research On Coordinated Tracking Control For Multi-Robot System Based On Binocular Visual
7. Research On Efficient Task Partition And Scheduling In MapReduce Data Processing System
8. Research On Key Technologies Of Resource Scheduling For Cyber-physical System
9. Research On Generalized Time-space Consistency Framework, Evolution Mechanism And Its Applications In Distributed Simulations
10. Research On Mechanisms For Improving Performance Gain Of Opportunistic Network Coding In Wireless Networks
11. Centralized And Distributed Design Methods For Wirelessnetworks With Interference Cancellation Capabilities
12. Research On Key Techniques Of Moving Target Imaging With Distributed SAR
13. Distributed Fusion Filtering For Sensor Networked Systems With Network Constraints And Packet Dropouts
14. Constraint Solving And Formal Verification With MSVL
15. Research For Multi-target Tracking Methods Based On Fuzzy Information Processing In Sensor Network System
16. Research On Distributed Time Synchronization Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks
17. Study On Compressed Sensing Based Video Reconstruction
18. Study On Game Theory-based Distributed Resource Allocation In Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
19. Research On High-Performance, Low-Complexity Cooperative Diversity Strategies
20. Research On Phase Processing Methods Of Distributed Signal
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