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Study On Theory And Support Software Of Business Process Design Technique For Process Management

Posted on:2005-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360125454881Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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In this paper, business process design technique, one of critical techniques of process management, is studied. The paper studies business process design in the narrow sense, which includes business process analysis, business process mapping, and business process optimization; and proposes reference processes of some typical business processes of discrete manufacturing enterprise; and develops the software prototype of business process design subsystem to support enterprise to implement process management.In chapter one, content and system structure of process management are presented on the basis of tracing the context of introduction of process management; content, importance and difficulties of business process design are analyzed in detail; the research status of business process design inside and outside the country is introduced; and finally, the meaning, intention, objective and the main work of this paper are presented.In chapter two, business process design technique based on resource-constraint is presented and analyzed. First, terms, such as process, activity and resource, are defined. And second, the chapter focus is aimed at business process design in narrow sense. The paper expands and details the business process analysis technique based on resource-constraint, business process mapping technique based on I-IDEF3, business process optimization technique time & cost-oriented. There is special emphasis on business process analysis. Finally, some common mistake, rules and process conformity of business process design are summarized.In chapter three, business processes of discrete manufacturing enterprise are classified, and relationships of them are presented. Some typical processes, such as product developing process, sale process, etc. are analyzed and discussed. The results of the analysis will produce reference processes of these typical processes that can be used during designing business processes. Moreover, how to cut out these reference processes of typical processes is also discussed.In chapter four the paper introduces the total structure of integrated business process management support software system. Then the chapter looks at system analysis and functional modules of business process design subsystem. The expected results will be conceptual data module of subsystem is fouded and also, the main software prototype is developed. Last, a case study of the design of the order processing process of Nisco Co. is analyzed.The last chapter summarizes the achievements and shortcomings of the paper, and gives a forecast of future research work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Process Management, Business Process Design, Business Process Analysis, Business Process Mapping, Business Process Optimization, Reference Process of Business process
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