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The Research And Implement Of Business Process Management Based On Web Service

Posted on:2009-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275971900Subject:Computer software and theory
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The most important steps in Business Process Management are Process Constructing and Process Performing. The Process Constructing needs a Process Definition Model and the Process Performing is finished by a business process engine. In order to combine Web Service and Business Process Management together and make the functions invoked in a business process are all Web services, we need to construct a Process Definition Model and a business process engine according to the features of Web Service.In order to define a business process constructing model, I analyze the features of the Workflow Model at first. I find some features of the model that are not suitable with the Web Service and define a new kind of process constructing model based on (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services)BPEL4WS protocol. The model is composed of three main attributes: cited Web services namespaces, variables and actions. The structure of the model is simpler than the Workflow Model but the capabilities of business process description are the same. Because the model is based on BPEL4WS protocol, we can transform a model instance and a business process description file to each other. The main feature of the model is integrating process structure control and timing control into actions. Different controls are identified by the types of different actions.To construct the business process engine I define Data Flow and Control Flow. We can finish all performances about data through Data Flow, including saving data, loading data, modifying data and so on. By Control Flow management we can perform all the actions of a business process. In the process of transform the business process model into key information in business process engine, the Data Flow is treating the model variables and the Control Flow is treating model actions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Process Management, Process Constructing Model, Business Process Execution Language, Web Service, Business Process Engine
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