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Research On The Supply Chain Coordinated Scheduling Model Considering Production Disruption

Posted on:2022-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306509976959Subject:Business management
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Efficient supply chain scheduling can significantly reduce the cost of supply chain system.However,in complex and dynamic supply chain environment,supply chain disruptions caused by machine breakdown,raw material outages and natural disasters occur from time to time and have a great impact on supply chain firms.In some cases,such disruptions may cause millions of dollars in losses to supply chain firms even if they last only a few hours or even minutes.It is of great theoretical and practical importance to study how to reformulate and coordinate the scheduling decisions among firms under supply chain disruptions.This research focuses on the supply chain coordinated scheduling problem under supply chain production disruptions,and the main research contents are as follows:A supply chain coordinated scheduling mechanism is designed to deal with the supply chain disruptions,which includes two parts: rescheduling of disrupted firm and negotiation of compensation conditions among supply chain firms.Based on the mechanism,a coordinated scheduling problem of a supply chain with multi-product type characteristic under delivery time constraint is investigated for a two-stage supply chain consisting of a supplier and a manufacturer under the supplier production disruption scenario.Considering that changes in the supplier scheduling scheme may lead to an increase in the conflict costs of the remaining firms,a supply chain coordinated scheduling model under the disruption scenario is built based on a revenue sharing contract coordination mechanism with the objectives of minimizing the total supplier delayed delivery cost and minimizing the total manufacturer conflict cost.A hybrid adaptive GA algorithm(HAGA),incorporating adaptive local search operator is designed,and the effectiveness of the proposed model and algorithm is verified through numerical experiments.Based on the above research,the research object is further extended to a more complex three-stage supply chain.The coordinated scheduling problem of a supply chain with multi-product type characteristic under job delivery time constraint under the manufacturer production disruption is researched.Under the two scenarios: one in which the manufacturer can quickly recover its productivity to the pre-disruption level and the other in which the manufacturer can't quickly recover its productivity,a basic supply chain coordinated scheduling model and an extension model of supply chain coordinated scheduling are built respectively to maximize the rescheduling benefits of manufacturer and minimize the total conflict costs of supplier.To solve the models,a two-stage hybrid distribution estimation algorithm(EAGA)which includes an adaptive genetic algorithm and a distribution estimation algorithm incorporating an adaptive local search operator is designed.And a two-layer chromosome encoding scheme is designed based on the problem characteristics.The validity of the model and algorithm is verified through numerical experiments.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain disruption, supply chain scheduling, supply chain coordination, genetic algorithm, estimation distribution algorithm
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