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Research On The Development Of My Country's TV Variety Show Content Production Mode Under The Background Of Media Integration

Posted on:2021-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the age of traditional media,TV variety shows dominate.At present,new media technology and mobile network equipment are highly popular,and online variety shows and short videos are rapidly becoming popular,making TV variety shows face unprecedented challenges.The freedom of content and variety of forms of network variety shows have brought an impact on the development of TV variety shows.The dilemma of development brings enlightenment to TV variety shows.To catch up with the development pace of media convergence era,we must transform to all-media.Under the background of media convergence,the content production mode of Variety shows in China has gone through the vicissitude of integration of production and broadcasting,cooperation of production and broadcasting,separation of production and broadcasting,and parallel modes.For variety shows,content is the core.Secondly,to solve the development problem of Variety shows in China,the most important thing is innovation.To innovate,the first thing is to solve the problem of how to produce and how to innovate,while the model discusses the problem of how to innovate.Therefore,this paper chooses the content production mode as the entry point to study variety shows.Combined with the macro media convergence environment,the analysis of five factors of drama,the theories of mass communication games and the relevant theories of dynamic structure,based on the literature collection and combing,and personally involved in the production process of variety show content,theory and practice provide strong theoretical and practical experience for the writing of this paper.The first part of this paper summarizes and studies the evolution of the content production mode of variety shows in China,and makes a specific analysis and discussion on the integrated form of content products,market relations and organizational system of TV variety shows.The second part of the paper is to explore and analyze the reasons for the change of the content production mode of variety shows in China.The change of the external environment is the external cause and an external driving force for the change of the content production mode of variety shows in China.However,the internal driving force of Chinese variety shows is the fundamental factor that promotes the change of the content production mode of Chinese variety shows.Variety entertainment game,the audience enjoy the makes avariety of all kinds of means to bring the joy of the game,so puts the research of the variety show in game theory,variety show is the social control and selective convergence,work and play,"pain" and "fun" three product under the action of the contradiction,but variety show how biased towards conflict either party brings with it a certain development predicament,therefore,the pursuit of the coordination and balance of the two sides,it is China's variety show content production mode change the internal driving force.The third part of the paper is to further explore the problems arising from the development and changes of the content production model of Chinese TV variety shows.The fourth part of this paper explores how the content production mode of Variety shows in China conforms to the innovation trend and completes the innovation under the new content production mode under the background of media convergence.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, Variety shows, Content production mode
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