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Financial Sharing Service Center Construction Research

Posted on:2018-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the wave of globalization,more and more companies plan to layout the global strategy,let the company go out.More and more domestic companies began to set up branches in the region,the management of the drawbacks will appear in the expansion.On the one hand is a huge management structure,on the other hand is the rise in management costs,how to solve this dilemma,many companies have begun to explore new management models,financial sharing will be born.Financial sharing is based on the background of the rapid development of information technology,interconnection is no longer difficult,communication costs are getting lower and lower,the maturity of information network technology for the financial sharing center to break the time and space to provide a decisive condition.This paper will focus on the construction of financial sharing service center,the use of theoretical research and case analysis of the combination of methods to be built in the RK company's financial sharing service center as a case,in-depth case analysis,analysis of its construction of financial sharing services The urgency of the center,the strategic positioning of the financial sharing service center,the reconstruction of the financial process,the establishment of personnel,the risk control and so on,and elaborated the problems faced by RK company in the construction process and the construction achievements.On this basis,it further prospects the optimization and upgrading of the financial sharing center of Company RK,which will provide reference for Company RK to enhance the level of financial control,the quality and efficiency of accounting work,and provide lessons for other enterprises that are building or planning to build financial sharing service center.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial shared services center, process reengineering, financial management
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