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Researching Of Y Company Financial Shared Service Optimization

Posted on:2021-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330614955876Subject:Business Administration
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In the context of scale effect and synergy effect,more and more companies set up branches in transnational or cross regional.With the continuous expansion of scale and complex organizational structure,companies have encountered many unprecedented difficulties.The traditional decentralized financial management mode has not adapted to the company's strategic development,and there are problems such as difficult management and control,increased cost,increased risk and so on.In order to optimize the financial management,the enterprise adopts the financial sharing service mode which is different from the traditional decentralized accounting management mode,and establishes the Financial Sharing Service Center.It focuses on some businesses of group companies,adjusts the company's financial organizational structure,formulates standardized processes,and establishes an information platform for industry finance sharing.Using the principle of scale economy,the financial sharing service center can reduce the labor cost,improve the financial management level and work efficiency,and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.Financial sharing service is an important trend of financial management in the future.Although the financial sharing service can solve the problems caused by the traditional financial management mode,there are still some problems in the actual application process.How to make up for these shortcomings and optimize the financial sharing service in the implementation of financial sharing is the key point for the Financial Sharing Service Center to create value for the enterprise successfully.This paper takes Y company's Financial Sharing Service Center as the research object,combining theoretical knowledge analysis with practical case study.Literature analysis,case study and comparative analysis were used to study Y company.First of all,combing and summarizing the literature of Financial Shared Services at home and abroad,expounding the theoretical basis as the theoretical support of this paper;Secondly,based on the data of the research report in the field of shared services in China in the past three years,this paper summarizes the current situation of the application of Financial Sharing in China's enterprises,and indicates that more and more enterprise groups are implementing financial sharing services,and analyzes the scope of application,necessity and feasibility of the Financial Sharing Service Center;Then,starting from the general situation of Y company,it combs the problems existing before the case company implements financial sharing,optimizes and rebuilds the financial system of the case company,combs the development process of the sharing center,and expounds the organizational structure,information system construction,business process and other aspects of the Financial Sharing Service center;Then it analyzes the effect of Financial Sharing Center on the company,and analyzes the problems of Y company in the Financial Sharing Service Center,such as the process system is not perfect,the degree of informatization is difficult to meet the needs of business development and so on;Finally,the corresponding optimization countermeasures are put forward for the problems of Y company.Through the research of Y company's financial sharing service,it can provide some reference for the theoretical research of financial sharing service,and also provide some reference value for other enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Shared Services, Financial Shared Service Center, process reengineering
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