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The Innovation And Development Of UGC Model In Traditional News Media In The Era Of Integrated Media

Posted on:2019-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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UGC(User Generated Content)is interpreted and defined as the main content produced and manufactured by users.It is a prominent feature of Web2.0 concept along with the improvement of personalized category.It can't be regarded as a specific operation,but a new way that people use the Internet,that is,from the early user download to the user download and upload is of the same importance.At the same time,with the continuous development of Internet applications,UGC mode has become a new form of convenience for people to express their opinions or interact online.In the process of the user's content production,the Internet platform also through these"sound" from the audience,thus making innovation and transformation.Under the background of financial media,BBC(Broadcasting British Corporation)as a public broadcasting traditional news media the most veteran public media experience and UGC innovation experience,always adhere to the audience as the center,news content of high quality as the focal point,the authenticity and timeliness of the basic principle of the concept of the news and on this basis,a UGC(user generated content).As one of the most successful media in the application of UGC mode,this paper takes BBC's application of user production content mode as the research object.It focuses on analyzing the general situation,the main types and characteristics of BBC user production mode,and the change of news practice to BBC news production.At the same time,according to the problems and hidden dangers that UGC mode may bring to traditional media,combined with the practice of BBC user production content mode,we propose a feasible improvement plan to provide reference for Chinese media.Through the analysis and research in this paper,it will provide certain ideas for academic research on UGC mode of traditional news media at home and abroad,and provide rationalization suggestions and references for our traditional media to innovate and develop UGC mode under the background of media convergence.The thesis is divided into five chapters:The first chapter:introduction,brief introduction of the origin and significance of this study,the selection of research objects,research status,research methods,and the writing framework and ideas of this paper.The second chapter is to define the concept of user production content(UGC),analyze the application and characteristics of Internet UGC in traditional media,thus lead to the concept of "participatory news",and analyze the influence of participatory news on the traditional media through the UGC mode.The third chapter:the BBC UGC HUB(Broadcasting British Corporation user production content integration center)is introduced in detail,and combined with the multi platform and multi-channel application of BBC on the UGC platform and the practice of social media platform,the specific analysis of UGC mode in BBC application is carried out.The fourth chapter:according to the theory of "information cocoon room" in communication science,from the category of personalized information recommendation and personal information privacy security,this paper details the adverse effects that the application of UGC model may bring to the traditional news media and the audience,as well as some hidden dangers to the future development of traditional news media.The fifth chapter:in view of the possible influence of the application of UGC mode on the development of traditional news media,it makes specific analysis and proposes solutions.Combined with the application experience of BBC for UGC mode,it analyzes its reference significance to the development of Chinese traditional news media in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Media integration, BBC, UGC, Traditional media, News production
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