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Transformation Of News Production From Traditional Media During The Rising Of We-media

Posted on:2012-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After entering the era web2.0, From hypertext link to fission communication, Changes caused by mode of the transmission have challenged the traditional media Intensely. The great significance of Web2.0 era is the power of transmission that comes to the public. Over the past,the elite exists only in the spread of social administration privileges come into the hands of the public. A message "press the jungle "has been formed. Undeniable, traditional media is still the giant in the jungle, It Still in the top end of the food chain. But as perfectly competitive market has brought benefits to consumers,we-media is a threat to traditional media, it is a reconstruction also.According to the classical communication theory, a complete communication process consists of source, the destination and distribution channels. When these three forced to be changed actively or passively, the traditional media, television and newspaper would face their new changes too. China has a special news system comparably that domestic news was protected by the government, but it doesn't mean it could get out of the times'flame. The purpose of this paper is to sort out the chances and challenges taken from we-media to the traditional media and try to rebuild the media construction to make it under control, which make we-media serve to the traditional media and have a soft landing as well as a good Transformation.
Keywords/Search Tags:We-Media, Traditional Media, News Production, Media Value
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