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Analytic Hierarchy Process And Its Application In Supplier Management Information System

Posted on:2017-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330488975900Subject:Software engineering
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With the economic globalization and the advent of knowledge economy era, the trend of enterprise management is becoming more and more obvious, and the market competition also presents the internationalization and integration. In addition, with the rapid development of information technology, production efficiency has been greatly improved, shorten the product update cycle, exacerbated the market competition. In order to adapt to the market and the changing needs of customers,enterprises urgently need to change the prior management mode, to change the supply chain management mode, build a supplier evaluation system, effectively the supplier evaluation, further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and suppliers, and establish the new competitive advantages.Effective supplier selection and management is the core of the enterprise procurement system and select suitable suppliers to establish strategic partnership, the control of both the relationship between risk and make supplier evaluation system of dynamic is manufacturing industry buyers are generally concerned about the problem.With the continuous growth of enterprise procurement accounted for the proportion of sales revenue, it has become one of the key factors determining the success of the enterprise, the evaluation and selection of suppliers is the basis and prerequisite for the normal operation of the supply chain.This article based on PHP technology, My SQL as the backstage database, Apache2.0 as a web server. Design and implementation of the a supplier evaluation and comprehensive management information system, to establish the effective supplier evaluation system, from the quality assurance, technical level, delivery ability, cost control and service assurance ability in many aspects, such as the supplier for the evaluation and management.This article based on the comprehensive analysis and management of domestic and foreign literature on supplier evaluation, design the supplier evaluation index system for manufacturing enterprises. Analysis of the supplier management of business processes, design the main function of the system use case, designed the function structure and database structure of the system. We implement the supplier management system, the core code structure and configuration file system gives the system of public documents, and design a model of index system.This paper uses a PHP Smarty template engine programming, improve development efficiency, enhance system performance.The successful development of the system is conducive to the establishment of long-term contractual relationships and more stable, increased on the whole supply chain business common sense of responsibility and interests sharing, increased for the future demand for the foreseeable and controllable.Choose competitive suppliers,provided a guarantee for the supply of products of high quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supplier Evaluation, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Index System
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