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Research On Supplier Selection In The Supply Chain Environment Of A Company

Posted on:2018-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330620953866Subject:Logistics engineering
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Since the 21 st century,with the increasingly fierce market competition and the increasing degree of globalization of the market,experts and scholars and business managers pay more and more attention to the supply chain management,scientific supply chain management of a business development and survival Very important role.National development is inseparable from the development of the economy,the network developed virtual economy "virtual fire" unstoppable,but want to fight against the impact of the financial crisis,the basic economy must vigorously develop the manufacturing industry.A company as a leading domestic financial electronic products and service providers,adhering to the "sustainable development of business" innovative ideas,but in a competitive market environment,how to maintain the current leading position to become the key to sustainable profitability,at present,Supply chain management process,supplier selection and evaluation is not only an important part,but also whether the supply chain can proceed smoothly.So,how to choose a suitable,trustworthy and technically strong business as a supplier,and how to correctly evaluate the existing suppliers of enterprises on the development of a business has a very important role.Based on the above background,this paper takes the supplier's choice and evaluation as the research object,and studies how to construct a supplier evaluation system.First of all,according to the problems of supplier evaluation of Company A,the research status of supplier selection and evaluation at home and abroad is briefly reviewed by referring to literature and other methods.At the same time,from the domestic and foreign research results and experience conclusions,Development potential,cooperation ability,internal competitiveness,job performance and enterprise environment,and innovate the evaluation system of the enterprise,such as the development capability of the enterprise technology,the degree of informationization and the agility.Indicators,is the construction of the evaluation system is more practical and complete.In this paper,the analytic hierarchy process(AHP)is used to study the supplier selection problem,and the traditional qualitative analysis is transformed into quantitative analysis.Finally,according to the construction of the supplier evaluation system for the A company in the choice of suppliers Hill put forward some feasibility proposals and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, supplier evaluation, supplier selection, evaluation index system
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