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Research And Design Of Cold Chain Logistics In Transit Monitoring System For Fresh Agricultural Products

Posted on:2021-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330602982801Subject:Logistics engineering
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In recent years,the domestic logistics industry has developed rapidly.With the help of the Internet of things platform,all kinds of e-commerce expand the sales channels,at the same time,promote the rapid development of the logistics industry,and the cold chain logistics industry closely related to people's lives has gradually stepped into the scale and intelligence.Cold chain transportation is one of the commodity circulation links.Fresh agricultural products have a high proportion and large scale in the cold chain fresh logistics.In the transportation process,it is inevitable that the temperature,humidity and CO2 concentration monitoring are not in place,which will cause harm to the product quality.Therefore,this paper studies the in transit monitoring system for the cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products,which collects and counts the environmental factors in the process of in transit transportation According to the visual way to show in front of users,and take strawberry as an example,through data monitoring and analysis,to test the effectiveness of the in transit monitoring system proposed in this paper,at the same time,it can greatly reduce the rate of fresh agricultural products damage.In this paper,a monitoring system based on B/S architecture is designed for the fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics in transit transport vehicles,which monitors the temperature and humidity,carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity in the cargo compartment,and uses Lora self-organizing network to complete the deployment of data acquisition nodes and switching control nodes in the compartment.The fuzzy PID control algorithm in cold storage environment is designed,and the solar radiation heat is added as an interference item in the experiment.The simulation results are compared with the common PID temperature control algorithm.The simulation results show that the fuzzy PID control algorithm designed in this paper has better robustness and anti-jamming ability.In this paper,a mobile terminal platform of in transit monitoring system for fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics is designed.Managers log in through account and password to track the information of temperature and humidity,CO2 concentration and illuminance in the cargo compartment in real time,and can also retrieve historical data and realize data visualization.Finally,the in transit monitoring system of fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics designed in this paper is applied to the actual cold chain carriage to collect the real in transit carriage data.Through the simulation experiment and the actual case data,it shows that the in transit monitoring system for the cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products established in this paper can ensure that the fresh agricultural products are always in the set low temperature environment in the transportation link,ensure the food quality and safety,reduce the loss and prevent pollution.
Keywords/Search Tags:cold chain logistics, in transit transportation, web, fuzzy control, LoRa
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