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The Montioring System Of Cold Chain Logistics Based On Beidou Positioning Technology

Posted on:2017-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330488967356Subject:Agricultural Extension
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With the improvement of living standards and the change of consumption idea,people is getting higher and higher regarding fresh agricultural products quality request.In order to reduce loss for decay and ensure the quality of food,adopting the way of cold chain logistics has become the mainstream of industry.However,agricultural products in the link of refrigerated transportation still exist a lot of loss for decay and seriously impact the color,flavor and quality of agricultural products,due to the backward domestic monitoring technology of cold chain logistics.The reason is that companies cannot real-time control the status of fresh agricultural products in the link of cold chain logistics,how to monitor the status of agricultural products in the process of cold-chain logistics dynamiclly,has become a problem which is concerned and solved urgently by enterprises.This paper introduces one monitoring system of cold chain logistics which is based on beidou compatible type,the system is combined with the technology of beidou compatible type and the technology of RFID tag,the technology of GPRS / 3G wireless communication,the technology of video image and the technology of baidu electronic map,can see the status of fresh agricultural products at any time,for example,real-time temperature,the video image,the current position and implement the monitoring management of fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics.The system is constituted of an on-board equipment,communication network,the server group and the client.On-board equipment consist of the core processor,GPS/beidou dual positioning module,GPRS/3G communication module,RFID tags of temperature,readers and cameras.The Core processor as the core of the on-board equipment,through the reader sending instruction to the the RFID tag of temperature,obtains temperature of refrigerated car interior environmental;At the same time it receives and parses vehicle location data and video image information by beidou/GPS dual positioning module0.On-board equipment is also responsible for sending the environmental temperature,the geographical position and video images to the server.Communication network,is responsible for data transmission,such as the text,audio and video within the logistics status monitoring system,which is divided into two categories:one category is wireless communication network between on-board equipment and the monitoring center,generally adopting the way of GPRS/3G;Another is common Ethernet network,through all levels of routers,switches,and firewalls,which can monitor the business management through connecting to the server group.A server group is the core of the system,including the on-board equipment connected to the server,data processing sever,data storage server and related network communication equipment.The data processing service is responsible for storing the data for the status of the fresh agricultural products logistics operation,in order to provide service as historical status inquiry,analysis and statistics.The client is the visual interface of the system,which is responsible for the real-time monitoring status in road for agricultural products,and implement vehicle location tracking,temperature monitoring,alarm processing and information publishing through management of the logistics vehicles.The test results show that the system realize function of the real-time monitoring status for agricultural products,guaranteeing the fresh agricultural products in a safe environment,significantly reduce the degree of loss in the process of agricultural products in the cold chain logistics.
Keywords/Search Tags:cold chain logistics, temperature control, location information, video images
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