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DDPO Company Supplier Management Research Based On Green Supply Chain

Posted on:2021-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330602957731Subject:Business Administration
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As a national key strategic emerging industry,semiconductor industry has initially consolidated the development foundation and will gradually form a new core competitiveness after the national investment and policy support in recent years.In recent years,with the increase of China's economic wealth,more and more resources have been consumed.The implementation of Green Supply Chain Management(GSCM)is an effective way to take "Green environmental awareness" and "economic development" as the two cornerstones of human society's existence and to achieve sustainable development at the same time.This paper by DDPO lithography equipment supply chain services(China)co.,LTD.For example,based on the theory of green supply chain management,in-depth discussion,research and analysis of DDPO's choice of suppliers,supplier performance evaluation and supplier grading management,and a series of suppliers control,management problems,to seek effective problem solving,plan and way of optimizing existing process.In fact,the supplier management problems in the supply chain business development reflected by DDPO generally reflect the common problems encountered by many semiconductor equipment industry enterprises at present.Despite long-term unremitting efforts,the supply chain service providers of semiconductor equipment companies and the ability to manage service levels are steadily improving,and service quality is a good overall situation.However,such an explosive growth market in China In the background,it can be said that many similar companies also encounter the same process of supplier management,supplier selection,supplier performance evaluation and supplier classification management,and very detailed issues.The contradiction and problem between the rapid explosive growth of enterprise business development demand and the relative slow and lagging development of supply chain service providers appear very prominent and serious under such background.Supplier devotion to inappropriate and unscientific "efficient",resulting in high energy consumption,high cost,resource waste,ignoring the whole supply chain problems such as the green concept is unable to avoid,so,for DDPO company such an industry leading advantage,how to choose in the past,management and control their supply chain service providers of such research is imperative,begin from DDPO company,further promote China's semiconductor industry,especially the equipment manufacturing enterprise supply chain service provider introduction and application of green supply chain management field,enter the new high level,high efficiency,High quality times.
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