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The Content Production And Narrattive Strategy Of Pan-Cultural Programs

Posted on:2020-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330575465406Subject:Journalism and Communication
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With the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry and the improvement of the audience's spiritual aesthetic needs,as a benign adjustment,pan-cultural programs gradually enter the people's field of vision in this pan-entertainment market.The pan-cultural program is based on culture and aims to export valuable culture and concepts.As a reform of traditional TV culture programs,it is more diverse and intimate in terms of content form.The Internet-based communication strategy also make it overcome the disadvantages of the TV platform in terms of focus communication,get through the barriers to TV and online platforms.Make this minority program able to accurately target audiences with the advantage of vertical Internet communication.At this time,Youku lays out their "pan-culture"strategy,and launches dozens of pan-cultural programs.Among them,the "Seeing Ideal" series of program which were jointly launched by the Imaginist Press and Youku,has achieved good results in word-of-mouth and amount of play.This is a pretty successful practice of pan-cultural programs,and has a good reference for the development of the same type of programs.Based on the analysis of the definition and development of pan-cultural programs,this paper selects the series of "Seeing Ideals" as the research object,and mainly uses the method of case analysis,case research and inductive approach.Firstly,it analyzes the vertical production and PGC mode adopted in content production,and discusses its strategy in cultural content mining.Secondly,it will explore its independent narrative,scenarized-narrative and multi-view and multi-channel narrative strategies in narrative.Finally,this paper will also analyze the dilemma faced by the long-term development of pan-cultural programs,and propose corresponding countermeasures.The article is mainly composed of five chapters.The first chapter is the introduction.The second chapter is about the background and development of the pan-cultural programs,and defines the concept.At the same time,it also introduce the pan-cultural layout of Youku and the "Seeing Ideal" series of programs.The third and the fourth chapter are the key points of this paper.From the perspective of content production and narrative,the paper discusses the strategies adopted in the series of H Seeing Ideals"and analyzes how it constructs a unique program style.In the third chapter,this paper summarizes the content strategy of the series of "Seeing Ideals" into "professional production in the vertical field" and "deeply excavating cultural values and reconstructing the mass spiritual aesthetics",and make a detailed discussion from the two points.The fourth chapter will discuss the narrative strategy of the series of "Looking for Ideals" from three points,including narrator,narrative methods and narrative modes.The last chapter returns to the pan-cultural program,analyzing the three dimensions of them:the limitations of cultural content,the homogeneity of the narrative model,and the limited radiation of the audience.Based on this,it is concluded that in order to achieve long-term development,pan-cultural programs must deepen the excavation of cultural values,expand the boundaries of content and narratives,and radiate a broader group.The general sequence of this article is from reviewing history to looking at the current and then looking to the future.First,the background and development of the pan-cultural programs are sorted out.Then proceed with the case research,and finally return to reality,rise to the overall level,and make recommendations for future development.From the outside to the inside,it has both theoretical significance and certain practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:pan-culture programs, ?Seeing Ideal?, content production, narrative strategy
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