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The Research About Network Homemade Drama Communication Strategy And Development In Our Country Within The New Media Environment

Posted on:2017-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The spread of new media is carried out by the owner for the owner, it provided people with the opportunity to hear and see the power of initiative to make more people have expressed, to enhance the level of interaction communication.Under the new media background, "audience" is refers to as "user", it is difficult to completely distinguish between producers and consumers of information.Individuals in society on the one hand as a publisher of information(such as news or grassroots citizen journalism), at the same time as the evaluation of information made public participants. In internet age, all media is experiencing from gradually penetrate into the overall process of integration, real-time, interactive new media network has formed a full range of modern audio-visual live coverage,New media age is already available as another name for the Internet age, the various forms of dissemination are integrated together, such as interpersonal communication, group communication, organizational communication, mass communication, Focus dissemination.The use of advanced digital, network, communication technology, network self-made drama, and other new media style after another, a series of different themes, distinctive, interactive network also made drama after several years of development experience to give some influence and good reputation.At present, the mainstream video sites have begun using genuine long video plus short homemade video dual business model, strengthen mainstream content while homemade differentiated content to attract users.From a market of hundreds of home-made network drama and homemade variety, documentary programs, they absorb the essence of traditional television and new media have the distinctive characteristics of the network made drama, because of its propagation environment, the spread of actors in innovative content and mode of transmission propagation characteristics and other aspects, not only provides a foothold for the difference of the video network platform operators, but also on the subtle aspects of the network between the user's viewing life, entertainment consumption, and other aesthetic ideas brought profound changes.Although so far, the network has not made drama written, uniform definition, but the network made drama of these three elements are well known to the public: First, the network media must be involved as creator;the second is the primary network broadcast platform;Third, it must comply with the requirements of "Play".Home theater is different from traditional TV networks, self-timer video, it emphasizes network media.When the media form for updates on our TV from production to broadcast, in the middle of the process in the event of evolution, with a new Perspective background of new media in the dissemination process of the drama by showing changes with new features, this topic is a problem in the new era of trying to solve.In 2014, many domestic video sites have involved the network made drama, therefore, 2014 was unified by industry that the "self-made network drama first year." Home theater network momentum of rapid development, problems also come out, but the lack of domestic network made drama the problems in depth.For the problem, this paper based on the results of the theory of network communication, such as 5W mode, audience theory and big data analysis, select the type of network self-drama TV series for the study, the focus on the user experience flu elaborated to give users who in the world, how loved by the users, not the negative trend from the user's needs is the key to the success of video sites.Literature review on the use of communicators, channels, content and feedback to analyze web series, combined with questionnaires to inadequate web series development process exists in depth and propose solutions for content, promotion policy.First, a general overview of the network made drama, including a network made drama is due to any reason appear in public view, which experienced a grassroots, amateur of infancy, the gradual rise of the commercial development of consciousness and now specialized, custom of the maturity to understand the background of drama series produced.Web series mode of transmission is different from the traditional TV media forms under which the video site as a platform providers, content producers as creative team together to complete the production of content.The audience can not only watch through the PC side,they can also move the client receives the content.Web series nonlinear fragmented narrative style in line with modern fast-paced viewing habits, each episode control for flexible viewing options within 10 minutes.It can not only through the massive publicity and diffusion of content, group communication is the main feedback channels with timely and effective features.Secondly, under the vague boundaries pass by both sides, the way to achieve effective communication, which proceed from the TV series of all aspects of the industry chain, longitudinal analysis issued by the network platform to channel expansion method widescreen theaters joint issue.After several years of development, some of the television drama series has completed the process of feeding, showing a net linkage units, while broadcast of the event.Social media marketing involved in the web series, profitability and other aspects, the integration of new media as booster to promote the prosperity and development of the drama form.Embedded advertising as the main way of profit for web series, it needs to further improve the amount of implantation means and ability to grasp.Video site membership fee system to promote the growing popularity of actively expanding peripheral products derived from income-generating activities to become self-made drama downstream industry chain, and the inverted output of copyright.Again, web series problems in the development process has gradually come out, including the tendency of pan-entertainment content, the regulatory laws and regulations is not perfect, the video site for original works of copyright awareness is weak, such as excessive placement.The main reason for these problems are the new media in China started late, regime should be improved, for each video sites target audience is not accurate, it could easily lead to the loss of users to increase user viscosity means single. Team video sites lack creativity, degree of specialization is not enough.Finally, the level of content rectification of the problems, to reduce the vulgarization and increase nutritious content, the audience after watching the video thinking can be promoted. For content homogenization problem, the proposed increase in the production of differentiated, according to the selection tendency audience targeted content layout. In the promotion of a network of home-made drama, we should optimize the placement of content, to ensure the viewing experience, while achieving a win-win advertisers and video sites...
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