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Research On The Operation And Management Reform Of The Karamay Museum Project

Posted on:2018-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2358330542460703Subject:Project management
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As a social public institute,museums gradually play much more important roles in providing services in many different areas.Face to the new situation,museums need to change their traditional management model to realize sustainable development.Project management is a scientific and efficient basis of enterprises and institutions to survive and grow,as one of the main body of market economy,the museum will also need project management mode into daily operations,the museum also must rely on the development and expansion of project operation and management science.Under the guidance of" Belt and Road " strategy,Xin Jiang working conference,and the background of building the world famous oil city,Karamay museum now is facing so many chances and challenges.So Karamay museum should actively change ideas,seek the management of museum operations,in order to promote the modernization of Museum business.This paper is on the basis of research of Karamay museum project operation management and implementation of innovation,so as to form a set of operational methods of project management for Karamay museum development.This paper mainly analysis the situation and reform of Karamay museum constraciton project management since the establishment of the museum in 1983.In 2016 the Karamay municipal government plans to build the China Petrol Museum,and to promote the modernization of the operation and management of the Karamay Museum project.In the study found that Karamay museum management is affected by the market environment and internal factors seriously,and there are series of problems in its operation and management,such as lack of brand publicity management concept,target positioning operation of the project is not clear,the human resource management mechanism should be perfected,the operation of the project funds shortage,cross functional collaboration play problems etc..In view of these problems,this paper starts with the whole life cycle theory of project and the theory of post project evaluation,and puts forward the design and concrete countermeasures for the reform of Karamay museum project management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Karamay Museum, project operation and management, reform and countermeasures
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