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The Research On The Current Situation And Promotion Strategies Of Jiangxi Private College Student's Media Literacy

Posted on:2018-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330515486002Subject:Press and Communication
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With the rapid development of information era,new media,such as mobile phones and Ipads,have brought great changes to college students' life.College students tend to accept new technologies and new ideas,but they are also influenced easily by the media culture.Private college students in Jiangxi province can be seen as a special group of the university students in our country,so training their media literacy has more realistic significance: it can enhance the whole country's college students' media literacy by improving Jiangxi private university students and it can also promote the healthy development of higher education in our country.This study focused on clarifying the connotation of media literacy and its evolution course,utilizing the science theory of communication and psychology as the instruction,to analyze the status and existing problems of media literacy of Jiangxi private college students by the ways of the literature research,questionnaire survey and in-depth interview method and comparative research approaches;It pointed out several factors influencing media literacy of Jiangxi private college students;Finally it also put forward the corresponding strategies and carried on the preliminary practical research.Taking the advantage of being an English teacher for many years in Jiangxi University of Technology,which is the largest-scaled private college in China,I have tried to combine media literacy with college English courses to have elementary practical research,which is also one of the innovative points of this paper.This study can be divided into four parts: the first part clarifies the meaning of media literacy and the evolution,analyzes the features and characteristics of private college students in Jiangxi province,and points out the significance of media literacy for private colleges students' growth;The second part designs a media literacy questionnaire from four aspects,including the media consumption behavior,selection and ability to use media,media criticism and interpretation and media participation and creation to make a preliminary judgment about the present situation of their media literacy.The conclusion can be made that they are lack of better media literacy;The third part,on the basis of the analysis of the questionnaire,finds several major factors influencing media literacy of the private o university students in Jiangxi province,including the private university students' own factors in Jiangxi,little attention to colleges students' media literacy and the current environmental impact factors of The Times.Finally,based on the current situation that private college students' media literacy is relatively lack,this paper puts forward severalcorresponding strategies,including the government should strengthen the supervision and guidance of media,media institutions and media people should improve self-discipline consciousness and private college students in Jiangxi province should arouse the consciousness of self-education and other strategies.This thesis is expected to tell all college students,including private college students,to make good use of internet,clearly know the impact of Internet and mobile phones and other new media and have all-round development by receiving wide media literacy education.
Keywords/Search Tags:private colleges, media literacy, strategies
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