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Study On The Distribution Mechanism Of Urban Disaster Cloud Grid Emergency Logistics

Posted on:2020-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306218966799Subject:Logistics Engineering
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The frequent occurrence of sudden natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods has caused huge loss of life and property.How to scientifically and rationally distribute emergency materials after disasters,reduce losses as much as possible,and improve the ability to dispatch emergency materials in response to sudden disasters are important issues that need to be addressed during emergency rescue.The fine distribution of emergency materials after sudden disasters in cities will help to achieve refined management of emergency rescue.In order to improve the efficiency of emergency rescue and achieve disaster prevention and mitigation,it is urgent to introduce new ideas and new technologies to the emergency materials for existing disasters.Fine-grained distribution mechanism to adjust.Therefore,this paper focuses on the issue of fine distribution of emergency materials,fully considers the actual disaster situation of the affected areas and the needs of the affected people,and adjusts the existing emergency material distribution mechanism by summarizing the research process.The main research contents are:(1)Based on SIMG and HSR,the idea of disaster information multi-level grid is proposed.A four-layer tree-level hierarchical cloud grid management architecture is constructed according to different cloud grid resolutions.The architecture is built on the cloud service platform for on-call.A quadtree tree clustering multi-level cloud meshing method and coding rules suitable for disaster emergency dispatch are proposed,and then the emergency cloud materials and task dispatch cloud grid management module based on the architecture are proposed.Assign a hierarchical cloud grid management method.Emergency material distribution tree-level hierarchical cloud grid can cover key disaster areas,and grassroots grid nodes are used to collect,process,and monitor disaster conditions and material demand parameters in each grid unit.Data is integrated from bottom to top,top-level grid nodes.The overall optimization of the materials is dispatched and dispatched to achieve refined management.(2)Based on the hierarchical cloud grid management method,realize the implementation and application of the cloud grid fine distribution ratio and dispatch priority.Firstly,a large number of basic data sources are collected and the indicators affecting the quantity of emergency materials and the severity of the disasters in the study area are determined separately,and combined with the methods of grid data and spatial distribution of indicators.Based on the multiple indicators affecting the demand for emergency materials,the spatial distribution map and data processing attribute table of the emergency material demand ratio under different resolutions are obtained after processing the hierarchical grid point data of each level,and then the cloud network with different precision in the research area is obtained.List of multi-level and fine-distributed proportions of emergency materials;based on multiple indicators affecting the severity of the disaster,the spatial distribution maps of the severity of the disasters at different resolutions are obtained after processing the data of each layer of grid points,and then the different regions in the study area are obtained.Accurate cloud grid emergency supplies multi-level,fine distribution priority.Here,the Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief material distribution is taken as an example to carry out the hierarchical cloud grid management method and the realization and application of the cloud grid refined distribution ratio and assignment priority,which illustrates the feasibility of the ideas and implementation schemes presented in this paper.(3)According to the urgency priority order and the demand ratio list,the research process of fine distribution is carried out,the existing disaster emergency material distribution mechanism is adjusted,and the disaster cloud grid emergency material distribution mechanism suitable for fine distribution is constructed.Help to achieve refined management of emergency rescue and improve emergency rescue efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:disaster, hierarchical cloud grid, refined management, emergency material allocation, mechanism construction
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