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A Study On The Macau Public Television Station Emergency Event Reports Mechanism

Posted on:2012-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330362955186Subject:Administrative Management
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There are many emergency events around the world occurrence frequently, USA 9.11 terrorist attacks, China WenChuan earthquake, Japan 9.0 earthquake , China Zhouqu large geological disasters, Russia forest fire threat to Moscow etc.... The government spent a lot of manpower and resources to disaster relief and countless damage to property, there were many people die. The Government face with crisis management must make a timely response measures and exercise of public management functions. The community groups, schools, businesses and citizen should also make their best action. The media and reporters disposal play an important role in the emergency event. CCTV reported in the WenChuan earthquake have been appreciated by the Western media with it's quickly response mechanisms and the performance of information open reports. It reflects the news media is very important in the crisis management.Macau Radio and Television Corporation - "TDM" tough business for 26 years, system's reforming by the public sector into a public-private partnerships and then transferred into the current public television stations. Over the years, operating income to make ends meet, system's reforming could not change the dilemma of business loss every year. In the past two years, Macau SAR full support of finance to TDM, TDM increased TV channel and the self-made programs, but news reports are still rigid. This Paper will use crisis management theory to explore "TDM" how to reports emergencies events in the occurrence frequently era and support the government to disposal crisis. Establish a rapid response, objective and fair reports mechanism. This Paper will analysis CCTV WenChuan earthquake's reports mechanism and combine with "TDM" actual situation. Creating an emergency event reports mechanism satisfy the audience's right to know , guide public opinion and public behavior in a timely, objective and comprehensive. As the TDM reports strategy face with internal and external environmental change and crisis disposal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Crisis, Public television Station, Emergency Event Reports, Mechanism
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