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Research On Emergency Mechanism Of Public Library Under Public Emergencies

Posted on:2022-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The public library is a public cultural service system,which should bear the social responsibility and inherit the spirit of the times.Under the background of more frequent public emergencies,it should play its role to help citizens resist disasters.The academic research on Library emergency mechanism mainly focuses on the emergency,which is the temporary product of current events,and has not yet developed a mature theoretical system on the basis of specific practice;Due to the improvement of library digitization,to the effects of the COVID-19,the theory and practice of Library emergency service began to be concerned and implemented by the academic community,which promoted the construction of Library emergency management and service system.For the sake of enhance the construction of Public Library emergency management system,enrich the emergency service theory and implement the content,this paper studies the emergency mechanism under the background of public emergencies.Firstly,introduces the impact of emergencies on public library,and discusses the importance of establishing the library emergency mechanism;Secondly,according to the four types of typical emergencies,the paper analyzes the cases and points out the main problems faced by the library in different events;Finally,it discusses the specific contents of emergency management mechanism and service mechanism.This paper discusses the emergency mechanism of Public Library in detail and in many aspects,wishing to provide reference for the construction of emergency mechanism,promote the improvement of emergency management ability of library,broaden the theoretical research scope of emergency service,and bring some practical significance for its practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public library, Public emergency, Emergency plan, Emergency management mechanism, Emergency service mechanism
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