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The Study On Content Construction Strategy Of Provincial Network

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M M FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422470192Subject:Press and Communication
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With the general development of social economy and constant improvement of scienceand technology, the Network Television emerged. It is a network radio and televisionbroadcast agency which combines the advantages of traditional radio and television with theInternet. And the Network Television is different from traditional television in many aspects,including content creation, broadcasting process. In recent years, the development of NetworkTelevision ascends rapidly. Provincial Network Television has gotten a great progress thanksto the support of the country and the development of technology.At present, the Provincial Network Television is the main force of China’s network radioand TV station among the categories. Hubei Network Television (HBTV) have won theapproval from the national agency Dec.8.2010, and started to operate on July.11.2011. HubeiNetwork Television shares a good model to the provincial network station in confluentdevelopment of Internet. On one hand, it has no great advantage in coverage as ChinaNetwork Television, on the other hand, it lack of strong influence in broadcasting as Hunanprovince and Jiangsu province, however, it can set and follows an unusual design concept thatis to built platform first, attach great importance to the content and develop the markettherewith. And it proposed an idea of network radio and television’s developmentsubsequently, focusing on local news and information, innovating the contents and recourses,developing new channels of broadcast and developing more screens of communication.The thesis first organizes the development course of China’s provincial network TVstation, clarifies its status and main responsibility in the process of communication, analysesits internal and external environment and Hubei Network Television’s medium positioning aswell as core competing capability. Secondly, the thesis takes HBTV as a case study on itsconstruction of content, structure setting, service system, classic column and user experience.The thesis argues that HBTV’s empirical methods of construction content in following fouraspects: column planning, exclusive information, communicating interaction and supportingtechnology. And it also analyses the broadcasting method on important events. In addition, the thesis analyses provincial network television could get three key points used into their owncontent construction: diversify the content, enhance interactive communication process andmake efforts on developing new media technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:provincial network television, HBTV, strategy, content construction
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