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The Construction Of Radio And Television Media Management And Operation Mechanism Under The Trend Of "Three Networks Merging"

Posted on:2020-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Radio and television as the mouthpiece of the Party and the government,is an important tool and carrier to meet the spiritual needs of the people,is an important ideological and public opinion front to spread the socialist core values.“Integration of three networks”refers to the trend of convergence of technology,functions and services of radio and television,telecommunications and internet networks.It is not only the transformation of radio and television system,but also an information integration development policy promoted by the national level.At present,with the rapid development of network technology and mobile communication technology,the media ecological environment has undergone profound changes.Radio and television media are facing unprecedented challenges and development opportunities.In this media environment,this article through the analysis of “three networks integration”under the radio and television media management operation mechanism,in order to explore the broadcasting and television media in the context of financial media transformation breakthrough strategy.This paper analyzes the present situation and existing problems of media management mechanism of radio and television by using the theory of positioning,management mechanism theory,organization theory and other management and marketing theories.From the perspective of PEST analysis model,this paper analyzes the macro development environment of radio and television media under the environment of “three networks integration”.Through the analysis,this article thinks that the radio and television media has some problems,such as the administrative organization,the management depending on extent,the lag of human resources management,the lack of content construction and so on.In view of the above problems,this paper argues that in the current all-media environment,the broadcasting and television media only break the shackles of the system and mechanism,market-oriented to the market,Guided by the Internet thinking,we should deepen reform and innovation.We should start with the construction of a scientific operating mechanism,a rational organizational structure,human resources development,brand platform,and industrial links,etc.We should take the Internet thinking asa guide to deepen the reform and innovation,and build a scientific operating mechanism,a rational organizational structure,strengthen the development of human resources,establish a brand platform and establish,Only by constructing a scientific and effective management mechanism can we better adapt to the trend of “three nets integration”and exert the important role of radio and television mainstream media.
Keywords/Search Tags:three-network integration, Broadcast and television media, Operation mechanism, Countermeasures, Environmental analysis
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