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Fujian Foreign Trade Enterprises Based On J2EE Multi-Layer Architecture Design And Implementation Of Customer Relationship Management Software

Posted on:2013-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330395974236Subject:Software engineering
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Customer Relationship Management on behalf of a new management concept, andprovide a good system and method for improving the relationship between foreign tradeenterprises and customers. J2EE multi-tier data structure can be achieved to predictfuture trends and behavior, so you can dominate the direction of the company’smanagement. CRM customer-centric core ideas and methods of the leading enterprisemanagement, marketing management is a major leap forward in the use of informationtechnology to foreign trade enterprises. In an increasingly competitive marketenvironment, foreign trade enterprises are faced with an increasingly strong buyer’smarket, to better meet customers’ needs, Establish and maintain good relations withcustomers, has become an important means of Fujian’s foreign trade enterprises to gaincompetitive advantage. Therefore, customer relationship management CRM, Fujian’sforeign trade enterprises have great significance. In this paper, based on the J2EE designand implementation of a multi-tier architecture Fujian Foreign Trade CRM managementsoftware, the system has both the following characteristics:1, the system to the specific needs of the foreign trade enterprises in Fujian CRMsystem as the research object, the system has the characteristics of foreign tradeenterprises business effectively simplifies the complexity of the business of the foreigntrade enterprise customer management, Can be targeted to solve the foreign tradeenterprises business processes diversity, the customer structure multiplicity, the servicemanagement order of complexity, as well as the customer opportunity grasps and thedepth excavation question, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises hasplayed a positive role in promoting.2, the system is based on J2EE architecture, combined with the lightweightframework, J2EE component model is tightly coupled multi-tier architecture, scalability,openness, and high degree of software reusability, application portability, and improvethe flexibility and robustness of the system.3, the system designed to "role-oriented" as carried out by the Centre, responsiblefor different employees has different permissions, so that each employee logged on to the system menu interface differs, working things that are within the purview of eachresponsible for their own treatment, high system security.4, the system provide flexible system management and the underlying data setenhancements of system maintenance, while maximum resources ensures thatbusiness-critical data entry saving, maximizing the efficiency of queries to retrieverelated data upgrade.5, the system interface as a login using a Web browser interface, and, in line withthe General staff’s day-to-day operating habits, while the user-friendly interface is easyto use and easy operation, simple easy to learn.The system operation: Systems significantly improve the current situation offoreign trade enterprises in Fujian customer management, improve the efficiency ofcustomer management; system itself also showed a high degree of flexibility andscalability.
Keywords/Search Tags:customer relationship management, trade, work processes, servicemanagement, rights management
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