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Research And Application Middleware Of Internet Of Things Based On Complex Event Processing

Posted on:2013-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M N XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371981197Subject:Communication and Information System
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The rapid development of information technology causes a comprehensive and profound transformation of human society. The application based on of RFID technology has been developed from production, transportation, storage, sales to service and other field, and gradually form the wireless sensor network and Internet of Things. RFID technology is an important part of Internet of Things and will greatly promote the application. RFID can provide transparent information for all aspects of supply chain management, which is one of the most potential areas of RFID technology. However, the supply chain management requires high real time data, and every link of supply chain will generate a lot of original tag data.RFID middleware shields the diversity and complexity of the RFID equipment, which links the lower hardware devices and enterprise applications. Application based on RFID middleware ensures scalability of the upper application and the ability to integrate with other systems. However, it is difficult to implement a middleware that completely based on the ALE specification. Moreover, with the wide application of RFID technology, RFID middleware of lack of complex event detection and event correlation processing can not meet the application requirements of large scale and real time data. Effective complex event detection for data is a key point to promote RFID middleware applications.Based on the above analysis, this paper pays attention to the middle of complex event processing. Firstly, a design of RFID middleware is proposed because of the shortcomings of middleware products abroad. The Middleware is constructed into a small enough, reusable and interoperable standardized prototype using the OSGi component services to reduce the coupling. The components can be dynamically expanded and highly modular each other. Then put the complex event processing technology in RFID middleware, so middleware has the ability to complex event processing, and the real time event handling is greatly promoted. The policymaking efficiency can be improved to a certain extent between the events associated with matching.This paper also pays attention to the application of RFID complex event processing in real-time supply chain. In order to describe the model with complex event language and implement the scene of model, an event processing model for supply chain is built to extract complex event. RFID complex event processing can provide real time, transparent and accurate management for the entire supply chain. Finally, this paper gives a simulation of middleware in real time supply chain, results show that the middleware has a good compatibility and complex event processing that can improve the efficiency of the implementation of RFID.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things, RFID middleware, complex event processing, OSGi, realtime supply chain
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