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The Design And Realization Of The Autonomy Of The Grid Resource Management And Task Independent Scheduling

Posted on:2006-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360152982397Subject:Computer application technology
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The grid is a resource ability that use high-speed networks to integrate all kinds of computing resource such as super-computers large databases, archival storage devices and so on to form a sharing resources to provide a kind of high-performance computing management and service. People use these resources like using electrical sources, and do not care for the origin and load of these resources.The job management, job schedule and resources management are three basic functions of the grid computing, at the same time they are have the most values for grid computing research. With Campus Grid computing as the application background, this paper introduces the development and status of grid computing, the structure, characteristic and main functions of the grid computing system. Throughout analysis and researched the job schedule and the resource information services of the grid system, this paper points out the shorting in the grid job schedule mechanism that be used at the present time.Towards these questions, this paper using the JAVA programming language design and finished a job self-adapt schedule mechanism. It is according the user's services request and the status of grid resources to decide how to schedule one grid job. Obviously the self-adapt job's schedule must need one good grid resource information service to support. Therefore, this paper also design and finished a on-demand resource information services model, that is using a directory structure that based model of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This model finished the unified description method for the geographically distributed, heterogeneous resource, At last it implemented the high-efficiency converge and best share for the all resources of grid computing system.The research achievements of this paper will enrich the theory and methodology for the grid job scheduling and the grid resources information servicing. At same time the grid job's self-adapt schedule mechanism and the on-demand resource information services model have some value for spreading.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grid computing, OGSA, LDAP, Grid Resources Information Services, Dynamic Resource Information
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