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Based On The Ogsa Grid Accounting System

Posted on:2007-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D J H AFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360185982827Subject:Computer software and theory
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Grid is an integrated environment of resources and services, which consists of computing capabilities, data information and knowledge, software, persons and so on. The purpose of grid is to organize a super-computer by assembling all kinds of computing resources in various places through Internet, and to achieve comprehensive sharing of resources. Traditional Internet connected computers hardware, web connected information web pages, and grid will try to connect all resources in Internet. The ideal Grid is that users can make use of various powerful and abundant resources distributed in the internet, and feel that it's quite convenient as they use electric power and it's inessential for users to know where these resources are.As the commodities in the market environment, resources on the grid are also a kind of commodity, the behavior of resources consumption is a reasonable trade-off action. The providers supply resources, the consumers use them, so the consumers should pay the real money or electronic currency to the provider equivalent to the resources they use. At the same time, the grid system must provide the consumption bill in details to the provider and the consumer simultaneously just like we pay off our telephone-bill in our daily life.A Grid Accounting System (GAS) based OGSA is provided in this paper. This system was developed by distributed accounting way and unified database system and unified resource usage records. It custom-made the price strategy of resource expense through role, time of use, grade of service. After fully considering heterogeneity, independence and autonomy in grid environment, GAS developed the collector of resource expense on different operating system and the batch system. So, the accounting works don't bring any disturbance to the local system.The Grid Accounting System can collect and record accurately detailed consumption messages that users consumed the resources of heterogeneous system under the Grid environment, and it unify the format of the RUR (Resource Usage Record)and provide a kind of visual data and friendly interface for users. Meanwhile,...
Keywords/Search Tags:grid, Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), computing economy on grid, accounting, charging
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