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Keyword [Grid computing]
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1. Research On Key Technologies Of Service-Oriented Simulation Supporting Environment
2. Researches On Some Key Issues In Grid Computing Environments
3. Research And Implementation On The Key Technologies Of The Distributed UGIS
4. A Study On The Computing Models For Spatial Analysis In The GRID Computing Environment
5. Research On Key Technology Of Content Delivery Based On Service Grid Architecture
6. Research On Web Semantic Query And Reasoning
7. Research On Upgrading The Performance And Quality Of Service In Grid Computing
8. Research On Agent-Oriented Software Analysis And Design Modeling Methodology And Environment Based On Grid
9. The Research Of Grid Resource Monitoring Technology Based On Mobile Agent
10. Research On Grid-based Remotely Sensed Data Processing Node
11. Task Management And Scheduling Methods For Grid-Computing-based Simulation
12. Research On Grid Computing Oriented On-demand Intrusion Detection Model And Key Technonogies
13. Research On And Implementation Of Grid-enabled Java-based Interactive Visualization System GVis
14. Research On Autonomic Computing Oriented Policy-based Multi-agent Cooperation System
15. Research On Job Scheduling Algorithms With Resource Reservations For Grid Computing
16. Agent-based Resource Management And Task Scheduling In A Grid
17. An Architecture For PC Based Grid Computing And Key Technologies
18. Research On Trust Model And Trust-based Application For Grid Computing
19. Research On Key Issues Of Grid Service Deployment In Grid Service Mining
20. Research On The Key Aspects Of Grid-Based Storage System
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