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Based On The Saas Model Construction Machinery Sales Agent Company Crm System Design And Realization

Posted on:2012-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208330335497471Subject:Software engineering
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In 2003, American Cloud Computing Company-salesforce. com put forward the concept of Saas(Software as a Service) for the first time. SaaS mode is an emerging and completely innovative software application hosting service mode. This new software application mode-SaaS(Software as a Service) provided by salesforce. com can solve the problems such as large capital investment that small and medium sized engineering machinery sales agency companyare faced with. It makes these sales agencies carry out the Multi-tenant architecture Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system quickly and effectively in a short time. Only if you pay lease expense regularly by way of leasing, you can use the CRM system via the Internet anytime, anywhere.This paper discusses at first the current situation of the engineering machinery sales agency and the problems that they are faced with at present, analyses the features of the CRM system mode provided by and definite the necessities of the development of CRM system of salesforce. com which is based on the SaaS mode. After that, this paper makes an analysis for the demand of the engineering machinery sales agency. Through research, it points out the design principles of the CRM system of salesforce. com based on the SaaS mode, designs the framework and architecture of the system, introduces the main functions of the system, make a design for the data base and then enforce the main functions by specific method. The aim of the effective application of the CRM system of salesforce. com based on the SaaS mode is to achieve the informative management to engineering machinery sales agency company.The research achievement of this paper provides effective application solutions to the engineering machinery sales agency company in the Informatization construction, innovative and practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software as a Service, Customer Relationship Management, salesforce. com, software leasing, Multi-tenant architecture
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