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Analysis Design And Implement Of Customer Relationship Management System Base On NARADA Power Source Company

Posted on:2012-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330335462787Subject:Computer application technology
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The scale of power enterprise becomes more and more magnificent with the rapid development of the power source industry recently. Although the industry productivity improved efficiency and economic benefited continuously, the enterprises'informational construction doesn't keep pace with the development of enterprises. And it has became the bottle-neck of the enterprise's development. All the sectors have to consider a problem that how to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises. One of the most prominent aspect is customer relationship management system can not adapt to the requirements of mass production. It is urgent to accelerate their information construction with the power source of the enterprises and improve their customer relationship management system to meet competitiveness of the industries with information technology.This thesis analyzes the features and the existing problems by summarizing the features and status of the informationization of power source industries.It designs a customer relationship management system based on computer network. The system can effectively solve problems such as deficiency of customer resources management and poor quality services for customers in commercial trade. I take a power source enterprise in Zhejiang province as the object in the paper. With the applied object-oriented analysis and design, I analyze the demands of the customer relationship management system and put forward practicable solution for the enterprise. The main contents are summarized as follows.(1) This paper analyzes the custom relationship management by the concept of object-oriented software design. It divides the system into seven function modules according to the actual situation of the enterprise. The requirement modeling and functional analysis are presented for each function module of customer relationship management system by using UML and Power Designer.(2) On the basis of demand modeling and the function analysis, this paper put forward the overall structure of the design method on the three-tier architecture (business logic tier, database access tier as well as presentation tier), and design the database access layer and the business logic tier in detail.(3)I analyze the corporate sales situation drawing on data mining technology. The database access layer, business logic layer, the presentation layer meet the whole customer relationship management system function.And from customer service and sales performance analysis as an example, I introduce the dataset configuration, object/relations mapping the realization, the data access interface implementation, business logic implementation and the realization of the presentation layer and the paging technique.This system has the property of good architecture and appropriate designing. It makes good use the current information technology condition of the enterprises. It integrates the customer information, customer service and battery recycling into the customer relationship management system which greatly improved the efficiency of management and quality of service. It also has great significance to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:CRM, Three-tier software architecture, Customer Resources, Service for Customer
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