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Keyword [Software as a Service]
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1. Human Resource Management System For SaaS
2. Research And Implementation Of Software As A Service Model
3. Analysis And Design Of Dining Management System Based On SaaS
4. Research And Implementation Of A Large-Granularity Servizing Method
5. Study Of Multi-Tenancy Technologies In SOA Enviornments
6. File System Virtualization Technology In Personal Play-on-Demand Software Service
7. Research On Architecture And Key Technologies Of Science And Technology Public Service Platform
8. Application-Level Virtualization Technology In Personal Play-on-Demand Software Service
9. Study Of Relay Protection Setting Software Architecture And Interface Under SaaS Mode
10. The Design And Implementation Of A Business Surpport System For SAAS Telecom Value-Added Servic
11. Research Of CRM Based On SaaS
12. The Research And Implementation Of Personalized Configuration And Dynamic Deployment Of Supplier Business Management Service
13. High Maturity SaaS Model And Research Of Its Application In SRM System
14. The Research And Application Of The Software-as-a-service Model
15. SaaS-oriented Context-aware Data Filtering Model And Algorithm
16. The Research And Construction Of The Service Outsourcing Platform Base On Three-Tier .NET Architecture
17. MoSiSaS-A Model Driven Methodology For Scientific Software AS A Service
18. The Research On SaaS Model's Multi-tenants Multi-users Function And Architecture
19. Vehicle Route Selection Research Under SOA-BPM Logistics Information Platform
20. Design And Implemention Of Online Training Platform
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