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The Study And Design Of Customer Relationship Management System And Its Soft Architecture

Posted on:2016-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330479493283Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is currently a hotspot of the research in both of the fields of computer and management marketing. In the new era, people’s life and the way of thinking have been imperceptibly changed by the extensive use of information technology and Internet technology.Along with the prosperity and development of the market economy, the seller’s market is constantly shifting to the buyer’s market which leads to a increasingly fierce competition among the enterprises. While developing the new markets,companies begin to focus on old customers loyalty maintenance, hoping to convert the customer value into profits. CRM systems are designed to help enterprise reform their system of management and organization by computerizing the administration,practice the one to one marketing concept,provide personalized services for customers,optimize the business relationships with customers,understand and affect customers, and finally achieve the purpose of profit.Software architecture is a key problem of software engineering research and plays an important role in software development.It is a brief description of the whole system,which will help decision makers assess the value of software and the rationality of the system in the early design stage,and help the developers to understand the function of the software.This paper mainly studies the CRM software and its architecture,on the basis of theoretical research,a CRM system based on Web pattern is developed,which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise.Firstly this article introduces the historical context of the CRM and the current research status,then studies and designs the software architecture of the system, and finally a CRM system is developed after selecting a appropriate development tool,analysing the function modules, designing and programming.System adopts three-tier B/S pattern as its architecture, Visual Studio 2008 as the development tool, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as the database development platform and Server, IIS as the Web Server, the.NET as the technology implementation framework, asp.NET as the development platform,and uses ADO.NET technology to connect and interac with database tion, c # as the programming language.
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