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The Establishment Of Web TV Propagation In A New Audio-Visual Era

Posted on:2011-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the era where new media gradually occupy the mainstream, as the powerful media, television has more demands for media convergence than any other media, it needs find a new expression of space for communication content to adapt to the new media environment. From the practice, on the media converged road which is leading by the new media, television has never stopped the pace and always walked in front of the media, in addition to extend the net space of its own programs in its traditional system, it more.or use of network technology platform to expand a variety of new media forms such as Web TV.Due to it combines the advantages of network and television, Web TV prospects for a good. From 2006 to today, after more than four years of rapid development and prosperity, Web TV's subject position becomes more and more evident in a variety of television new media. As CNTV begin broadcasting, CCTV, which is the first traditional television media opening up the field of network, is carrying forward formally into the area of Web TV. The national television media intervention makes the proposition of mainstreaming of Web TV gifting to a new layer of meaning.Each network technology upgrades will bring new changes of Web TV, and then lead to new forms of television transmission, this changes are silent but always happen. When these changes are accumulating more and more for a long time, it means that the shift of new TV propagation is completed. In this sense, it appears that the new media as Web TV made television propagation taking many changes. In this background, this paper does a full-depth interpretation of Web TV propagation establishment.Thesis is divided into seven parts, the first part of the introduction defined the key concepts, and summarized research purposes and methods. The part of literature review, ordering the relevant literature on the domestic and international, summarized the status of academic researches. The second part discussed the current development trend of Web TV, including the stage of its development, the change of its media value and media status, and briefly summarize of CNTV profile which is main case study.Next the paper analyzed the establishment of Web TV propagation in a new Audio-visual era from the communication environment, communication content, mode of transmission and communication effects. It first discussed the technical platform and receiving terminal and the survival status of new media, and then described the main feature changes of the mass on this basis. In the chapter of communication content, the formation mechanism of the content, the presentation of content, the Manifestations of content and characteristics of content were discussed. In the transmission mode chapter, It analyzed three transmission modes of interaction, linkage, and experiential dynamic, then discussed them respectively. Finally, some obstacles which may affect the propagation of Web TV were also discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Web TV, New Media, dissemination of content, CNTV
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