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The New Study On The Information Dissemination Of University Celebrity Archives:Content Integration And Channel Convergence

Posted on:2018-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512992754Subject:Archival science
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The university celebrity archives have great educational value and research value.The realization of this value depends not only on the basic archive collection and archive management,but also on the dissemination of archival information.The work of information dissemination of university celebrity archives can help to strengthen the educational role of teachers and students in colleges and universities,especially in the aspect of moral and scientific education,but also help to create excellent campus culture.In addition,the information dissemination of university celebrity archives also has very important social significance.It is not only a kind of display and promotion of the image of the university itself,but also a kind of social culture inheritance and sublimation.According to the current domestic research status quo,the research point and research ideas tend to be too simple and superficial.Although some scholars have realized the importance and necessity of the dissemination of information resources of university celebrity archives,some scholars have a certain understanding and practical experience,but all in all,they are lack of exploration and thinking about new ideas and new modes of archival information dissemination.Through network research and field investigation on the archival information dissemination of university celebrity archives together with the experience of the old scholars' academic growth data acquisition project,this paper systematically combs the content and channel of the dissemination of university celebrity archives.And it gives suggestions for the dissemination of university celebrity archives,and tries to provide some inspiration for Chinese university archives.This paper first introduces the theoretical basis of the information dissemination of university celebrity archives,including celebrity fonds,the integration of archives,archival information dissemination and channel convergence.This paper summarizes the status quo of the content of university celebrity archives from three dimensions:time,space and type.It also points out that the completeness of time,spatial integration and type diversity should be paid attention to in the process of university celebrity archival dissemination.In addition,the author analyzes the main dissemination channels of the university celebrity archives from the perspectives of traditional and network.In specific,the main dissemination channels include the product of archival compilation,online exhibition,thematic database and network information platform.According to the above analysis,the author pointed out that network channels are clear trend of university celebrity archival dissemination,and setting up the network information platform is the best choice.Finally,the paper points out that there are fourtrends of university celebrity archival dissemination:Enrichment of disseminate content;Multi-dimensional integration of content;Using network dissemination channels;Convergence of multiple dissemination channels.
Keywords/Search Tags:University Celebrity Archives, Archival Information Dissemination, Content Dissemination, Channel Dissemination
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