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Research On The Audit Mechanism Of UGC (User Generated Content ) By Media Platform

Posted on:2020-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330575959351Subject:Journalism and Communication
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With the wide spread of social media,UGC content on the media platform has gradually increased.UGC content on social media is widely used by the media in news reports because of its large capacity,strong interactivity and real-time communication.On the one hand,UGC content can make up for the blanks of journalists who are not in the news scene when breaking news,and enrich the reporting material.On the other hand,UGC content can also provide a new perspective for news reports,so that journalists can understand news events from the perspective of the masses.However,due to the lack of verification and control of UGC content on the platform,these contents are frequently lost in communication.This paper starts with the dissemination characteristics of UGC content and analyzes the impact of UGC content on news production.In combination with UGC's communication ethics and regulations,the case of the UGC content dissemination in the media platform is combined with the cases of third-party verification platforms such as “Storyful”,“Grasswire” and“checkdesk” to establish a sound media platform review mechanism for UGC content.From the source to curb the occurrence of false information such as false information and news reversal,and improve the quality of online news.The study is divided into five parts,the specific contents are as follows:The introduction part mainly discusses the research background and purpose of the thesis,the literature review of the related research,the significance of the research and the related concept definition and research methods.The first chapter mainly expounds the influence of UGC content on news production,from the role of UGC content in news production and the main form of UGC content entering news production.This paper believes that the importance of UGC content in the news is reflected in the fact that UGC content has become the main news source for some major emergencies;the media has opened the UGC channel;a considerable number of users have access to news on social media.The main forms of UGC content entering news production are: UGC as a singlenews subject,media integration using UGC content for news dissemination,user coordination to participate in news reports,user feedback on social media,etc.UGC information enters the news twice.The second chapter raises the problem of misconduct caused by improper use of UGC content in the media.Due to the lack of review of UGC content,the dissemination of false information has become more frequent,which has promoted the emergence of online rumors;the lack of humanistic care in reports,frequent violations of personal privacy,and the formation of cyber violence;fueling bad network sentiment,hindering the normality of public opinion Expression;the reversal of news is increasing,affecting the credibility of the media.The third chapter introduces the current management norms and limitations of the media platform by taking WeChat and Weibo as examples,and puts forward the reasons why the media platform uses UGC content to cause the loss of communication.First,the media's public interest and personal interests are blurred when reporting news.The self-discipline system of UGC communication has not been perfected.Second,the audit mechanism is not perfect,there is no effective auditing tool,the cost of using false information is too low,and the media platform is not strict.Third,the relevant laws are not perfect,the current platform does not supervise the UGC content,and the relevant legal provisions are too general.The fourth chapter is the most important part of this paper.The paper discusses how to verify the UGC content by the Associated Press.From the perspective of source verification,it discusses how to avoid the flow of false information into the media platform.Take "storyful" and "Newswire" as examples.Analyze the role of third-party content review platforms in news dissemination.Furthermore,it proposes to solve the problem of the review mechanism of UGC content in China from the aspects of standardizing the acquisition behavior of social media information,improving the UGC audit mechanism,and clarifying the use behavior of UGC content.
Keywords/Search Tags:UGC content, Media platform, Dissemination anomie, Source audit
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