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Research On The Dissemination Content And Dissemination Effect Of Sports Reporters' Microblogs

Posted on:2019-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2438330545957027Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the rapid development of modern communication technology and the diversification of transmission methods,both the new media and the traditional media use micro blogging to publish information,and netizens also use microblog as an open platform to obtain information.With abundant information,it can be said that Web is a channel for Internet users to obtain news.For sports reporters,microblog has become one of the important platforms for the dissemination of sports events due to the timeliness and entertainment of microblog and the amount of information it generates.In this context,it is particularly important for sports reporters to use microblog to obtain better communication results.This paper uses interviews to analyze the characteristics of sports reporters,and the motivation and necessity of using microblogs.The literature analysis and content analysis methods were used to analyze the channel,theme,genre,content type,information source,content expression form,language style,preference,and interaction.The topics were divided into three aspects: sports events,sports figures,and life essays.,After the analysis is to remove the content of life essays,only the analysis of sports-related microblogging content.It is concluded that the content of sports reporter microblogs has the following three characteristics: high information availability but insufficient content depth,strong professionalism,high public attributes but insufficient interaction;the survey found that the audience of sports reporters microblogs is younger groups.The majority is dominated by women and more than men.Most people pay attention to sports reporters through their mobile phones and web pages.Their use of mobile phones to browse microblogs is mainly to meet their own information needs,content needs,and social needs.They use web pages to browse microblogs.It is to satisfy its own information needs.Audiences are more willing to read sports journalists' own opinions and present various forms of microblog content.Different content information will also have an impact on the effectiveness of communication.The content of the sports reporter's microblog enriches the audience's perception and affects the behavior of the audience.Based on the above analysis and the author's usual observation of the sports reporter microblog,he found problems in the communication of microblogging: sports reporters lack the awareness of active interaction with the audience,microblogging information content is too fragmented and lack of content depth,sports information is not Order,lack of control and false sports information.Suggestions were made on the issues: to establish awareness of interaction with the audience,to reinforce in-depth coverage of news content,to strengthen checks,and to upgrade professional qualities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports reporter microblog, Dissemination of content, Communication effect
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