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Design And Implementation Of CNTV Net TV Program Discovery System

Posted on:2013-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330362468448Subject:Software engineering
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With the "equity" and the "participation" concept, P2P technique had reconfigured network resources in a more rational way, and thus made itself a popular and sophisticated technology. In the view of user count and the influence, P2P technique has already been in a very high level. P2P-based streaming media technique is getting popular in recent years; it reflects the control of streaming media from users. In the process of the development of P2P technology, hostile, reactionary, harmful and illegal messages are spread widely without necessary control, which had brought severe challenges to some domain like network environment, network regulation and adolescence health. It is a difficult problem to efficiently manage the resources in P2P systems. This project is set because the P2P streaming media content regulation is an urgent problem to be solved. Based on the parsing of live telecasts and the videos on demand of CNTV, program lists and related information, such as attention of audience, are acquired, so as to achieve the censorship of CNTV.First, this paper introduces the P2P streaming media network supervision system of general framework, and expounds the realization of the overall structure of the module of the supervision of the position and function. The paper CNTV P2P streaming media supervision system structure and obtain information from the source video shows the basic strategySecondly, this paper introduces the function of each module of the system, and the realization process. In order to get through the program CNTV relevant column in the program list information, played links, such as links to pictures show information, detailed analysis and study of player mode and web video shows the information released mode principle and characteristics. Through the protocol analysis and ideas to get packet capture mode of the video shows the player issued by the method of information; For web model of the information release program, the web page to traverse, HTML and analytical data extraction for video shows the method of information. From technology and principle to solve the difficulties of the CNTV supervision.Finally, the system function and performance test of the effective respectively, the system availability, stability and information search function to the test. The results of the test finished to video program information crawl design requirements, realize the CNTV network TV program regulatory data support.
Keywords/Search Tags:P2P streaming media, media regulation, XML parsing, HTML parser
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