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The Study Of Application System Development Methods Based On BPMN Engine

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330335455574Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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There are so many Enterprises lack of the necessary innovation and improvement on their ways for business processes management. They are urgent to pursue an information system design approach which is more flexibility and agility. Business process management (BPM) caters to this trend and has been accepted widely. The traditional method on BPM is that establish a visual business process model according to BPMN, and then mapping it to BPEL execute language through the corresponding software tools. The BPEL language would finally import the BPEL process execution engine to execute it. While the method has improved the efficiency of business process management in a certain extent, there is a certain difficulty on the conversion of this model for the inconsistencies between the two languages. Many idealize model can not converted to executable BPEL execution language completely. As the advent of BPMN2.0, It provides an opportunity to change. Many software vendors have started to develop the execution engine in their BPMS which are based on BPMN2.0.This article first discussed problems about the current business process management, and then summarizing the implementation of process and the methods based on BPMN business engine combined with the direction of development on BPM design software.For Oracle BPM Suites doesn't compel users to do a choice between BPEL and BPMN2.0, but provides a process engine for both, and built on a common shared service. This article is then doing a summarizing to the common method of application system business process designing which is base on BPMN engine. Then, a practical procedure example is given for analysis of how to achieve the goal to create business rules and complex human tasks based on BPMN engine. The case has been deployed and achieved the desired effect.Finally, the article made a summarize for system design and the deficiencies involved in the relevant design which are based on BPMN engine, and made a certain prospect on the current market situation of BPMN engine and its apply perspective.
Keywords/Search Tags:BPMN, Oracle, Engine, Business Rules, Human Tasks
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