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The Design And Implementation Of Business Process Model Tool Based On BPMN

Posted on:2006-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152470128Subject:Software engineering
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In order to make the business process management standardize, Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI.ORG) made three norms and standards: Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN), Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) and Business Process Query Language (BPQL). BPMN is a core enabler of a new initiative in the Enterprise Architecture world called Business Process Management (BPM). Compared with the UML, The BPMN has been designed not only to be used and understood easily, but also to provide the ability to model complex business processes. BPMN has described the upper entities needed by defining processes and has provided the protocols in many aspects for deviding process definition into corresponding course models and cross-using public difinition data in different process definition and models. It also provides concepts symbols and expression methods for process modeling.But there is no available BPMN modeling tools in our country at present for the commercial and technical staff to use with ease, and there is little study made on business process modeling too.To remedy UML deficiency in the business process modeling, to narrow the disparity between our country and the advanced international countries on Business Process Management System, and to make Business Process Management of our country occupy a tiny space in the world, it seems to be totaly essential and urgent to design and realize such a product as soon as possible.The Main research of this article is about the designing and realization of modeling tools based on BPMN. First I gave an in-depth introduction to the new BPMN standard. In combination with my software engineering practice, I made a particular research on the source code of the general graph component -the open source project JGraph, then I extended the figure package of JGraph,increased some BPMN normal graphical symbol and the necessary characteristic for putting out executable language,adopted the poplular layer design and proper design pattern, finally realized a model tool that match the BPMN standard-SanBPMN. The paper includes the content of the following aspects:(1) How to represent symbols that BPMN stipulates in the modeling tool visually.(2) How to associate the symbols and targets that symbols represent in BPMN model tool, thus to lay a foundation for outputting the specific language.(3) How to change the figure after modeling into an executable language for outputting, such as BPEL4WS (Business Excute Language for Web Service)(4) How to model business process using SanBPMN modeling tool.Since study on business process management and the new standard for modeling business processes BPMN is carrying on like a raging fire in foreign countries, while the domestic study on business process management and modeling tool is still at early stage, the earlier realization of the model tool that matches the BPMN standard in our country has greater theory significance and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:BPM, BPML, BPMN, UML
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