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Business Rules Management Technology Research And Application

Posted on:2008-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360242966680Subject:Software engineering
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Popularization of computer network technology and incessant increase of user requirement not only impulse fast development of computer software technology but also change the software design idea, development method, software architecture and software management. Many organizations such as government, military and enterprise have begun to build their own business information systems in which business rule is an important element in order to advance the work efficiency and satisfy the customer requirement. But the complexity and variability of business rules and the nontechnical background of the business personnel make the traditional business information system face many deficiencies such as too long development periods, difficulties in maintenance and update, and deficiency in business agility and system stability. In order to solve these deficiencies in the traditional business system, a new kind of software development technology named Business Rules Management is proposed, and has been applied widely and developed quickly.This paper first sets forth the relationship between Business Rules and business system. Based on the analysis to the deficiencies in the tradition business system, the concept on Business Rules Management is proposed. Then the fundamental principle, fundamental concept, fundamental components and development prospect of Business Rules Management technology are described, and a close study is made from the pivotal technologies on Business Rules Management which include Rule repository and Rule Engine, and their work mechanism is analyzed in detail. An instance of Business Rules Management System (BRMS) named ILOG JRules is taken part. In the end, the practical application of Business Rules Management technology in the Billing System of Henan Tourism Sit is discussed in detail, and the application of BRMS in insurance, CRM and telecom network fault management are simply introduced, and elementary idea on the application of BRMS in the electron government system is gived.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Rules, Business Rules Management, BRMS, Rule Repository, Rule Engine
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