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The Research And Implement Of People Business Processing System Based Activiti5Workflow Engine

Posted on:2016-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330467999775Subject:Software engineering
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The grass-roots government departments as the functional departments of thegovernment solves the various problems in life. They hope to use the technology tomake their work more efficient, scientific, rational and humane with the developmentof computer technology. And the people also want to keep on tracking their ownproblems needing to be deal, in order to get the schedule. This increases therequirements of the business processing system.On the other hand, with the rapid development of workflow engine technology,the people in our country and abroad are all very concerned about the application ofthe Acitivi5workflow engine. A lot of companies used it in their OA and ERPsystems.But, until now we still not see more use of the Acitivi5workflow engine inpeople business processing systems, further research needs to be done. The mainreason is that the people business processing system starts to be used in recent years.Before that the business relies on manual work, which restricts the efficiency andfurther development of our work.This paper is present to use the Activiti5workflow engine in the people businessprocessing system based on that. This paper researched the theory of the workflowengine, and base that to research the BPMN2.0specification which help meunderstand the symbols to build the model of the workflow. After that, I research thehistory and the functions of the Activiti5engine.This paper collects the requirements of the people who work for processing thepeople business. According to the requirements and the features of the Activiti5workflow engine, this paper attempted to design the system. The contents of designinclude the structure and flow of the whole system, and description of the structureand trend of the flow. Based on the system design, this paper also designed the datalogical layer and view layer respectively.After finished the design work of the people business processing system basedActiviti5workflow engine, this paper described the implementation of the people business processing system based Activiti5workflow engine. It begin with thedeveloping environment, then described the implementation of the data model layer,and introduced the setting of the Activiti5workflow engine and implementation of theworkflow, ended with the implementation of the controller layer and view layer withspecified parts. After accomplished the system, it was run to check the main functions,which works well.In the future, I will keep on researching in this field, and modifying the bugs ofthe people business processing system based Activiti5workflow engine. At the sametime, I will continue to upgrade and update the system and extend the functions of thepowerful. Finally, I will make continuous efforts to make the system become a goodassistant for the grass-root government works, to help with the people businessprocessing work, and to make the system be a better business processing system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Activiti5, workflow engine, people business, BPMN
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