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Research On The Transformation From BPMN To WS-CDL

Posted on:2010-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275991924Subject:Computer software and theory
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BPM(Business Process Management) integrates enterprises tasks,resources and data synthetically.Administrating these processes helps firms respond to changes outside flexibly and agilely.Business process modeling is the most important step which directly determines to what extend the whole management team masters business requirements.Practice proves that BPMN(Business Process Modeling Notation) is a standard and easy to use business process modeling language.BPMN not only supports simple modeling methods,but also serves plenty semantics to express business process.In academia and industry business process modeling merely limits to process describing,which lacks of validation of business process model.It's difficult to ensure business process model is correct and reliable on the aspects of requirement understanding and system designing,fatherly restrains developing business process model top-down in practice.In allusion to the issue,this paper represents a business process model checking roadmap,develops a model transformation tool used to validate process model.The roadmap introduces the W3C candidate recommendation WS-CDL as a connecting link between the preceding and the following process model expression.This paper analyzes the characteristics of theses two modeling language BPMN and WS-CDL,and constructs the interrelation mapping algorithms.This method firstly converses BPMN using by business users to web services choreography,and then formalizes service choreography using Pi-calculus,finally applies the Picalculus validation tool to verify and check the formalized model,consequently make sure there's no conflicts and deadlock in business process model.Besides,in this paper we develop the transformation tool BPMN2CDL approves the feasibility of this roadmap.In a word,the research production supports formalization and validations in model design phase,which can efficiently enhance the models quality,lower down the risk of software development,and reduce the iterative expense caused by model deficit,guarantee business process model dependable and robust.
Keywords/Search Tags:business process modeling, BPMN, WS-CDL, model checking, Pi-calculus
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