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Application And Research On Key Technologies Of Real Estate Internet Shopping And Virtual Roam System

Posted on:2004-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360095455102Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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The rapid progress of Internet brings forward new demands and challenges to the industry of real estate. Based on the analysis of the current distribution and management system of the industry of real estate, the dissertation presents a new distribution method of real estate based on CRM strategy. Vivid virtual scene is built and 3D fractal trees made by fractal algorithm are joined to the virtual scene. At last the virtual scene is integrated with dynamic web database, and the system that combined with the function of database inquiry and interactive virtual scene is established.In chapter 1: The advanced information and management techniques are applying to the industry of real estate. The general situation and the development status of the technique of virtual reality are introduced. And the application in the industry of real estate is analyzed. Then the conception of real estate CRM is introduced. The operation mode and content of CRM in electric commerce are studied. Status in quo and deficiency of distribution management in the industry of real estate are analyzed. In the end the significance and content of this dissertation are illuminated.In chapter 2: After several prevalent virtual scene modeling techniques are contrasted, the technique of VRML is adopted. The effect that the virtual scene should achieve is confirmed after the requirement analysis. The three main flows of virtual scene modeling are discussed in detail and the problems met during the process of scene modeling are analyzed. Some techniques and skills are illuminated. And the method how to roam in the virtual scene is expatiated. In the end, the process of the technique of panorama is discussed.In chapter 3: On the base of feasibility study, the four objects of Real Estate Shopping System based on CRM strategy are brought out, that are attract client, distinguish from client, purchase house online and customize online. And the detailed function and process of the objects are introduced. Factors that should be taken into account when establishing the database are listed and the database is established according to the demands. At last, the integrality of the data is discussed.In chapter 4: The main methods of fractal simulation of the configuration of plants are analyzed and the difficulties in them are pointed out. Then a simplified algorithm of L-System based on VRML is put forward. The detailed methods by which VRML interact with Java arediscussed. By using the simplified algorithm of L-System, examples of interactive 3D fractal trees are generated and applied in the virtual scene.In chapter 5: The architecture and the environment of exploitation of the system are introduced. The web database is connected. VRML, Applet and ASP are integrated. The framework of the system is analyzed. The login and register pages are introduced. Six function modules of the system are introduced and realized.In chapter 6: The work of the dissertation is summarized and the future research is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:CRM(Customer Relationship Management), VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language), electric commerce, fractal, interactive, customization, panorama.
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