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The Change Of Human Resource Management In Newspaper Industry Under The Background Of Media Convergence

Posted on:2015-12-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1108330464955646Subject:Media Management
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Internet technology is sweeping over every area in the world, bringing unprecedented changes to the traditional industries. Influenced by the new media technology, the newspaper groups are experiencing a "trip without map" and the process of transition to save themselves.On the trends of media convergence, developing the newspaper industry and new media together is the only way to transit the newspapering. The media convergence brings massive changes to the content, business model, technology systems and organizational structure, whose influence will be profound in the human resource for the newspaper industry.From the view of management, human resource is the core and the most valuable resource of the company. Human resource plays a decisive role in the newspapering transition. In the process of technology reserving the newspaper industry transition, the content process reengineer, the business model reinvention and the organization structure revolution bring human resource management in newspapering both challenges and opportunities.It is urgent for the human resource management in newspapering to improving the transitions of the professional role, knowledge structure and technical skills. Besides, motivating human resource specialists, giving full play to the human resource’s value and exploring a newspapering transition way are important against the media convergence background.Basing on media convergence and human resource management theories, this article analyzes the influence brought by the transition and revolution of content production, business model, information system and the organizational structure to the newspapering human resource. It proposes countermeasures on how to plan talent, assess the performance, generate salary system, and organize training development in this new media age. In addition, the thesis appeals for further cultural innovation in China and promoting the human resource management in newspapering return to enterprise, professionalization, and socialization management.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, human resource management, media humanresource management, human resource of newspaper industry
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