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Research On Financial Shared Services Center Construction Of Enterprise Group

Posted on:2020-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330626456741Subject:Transportation engineering
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With the development of network technology,electronic signature technology,image scanning technology,cloud technology and intelligent mobile devices,the financial management mode of large enterprise groups is developing from centralized financial management mode to Shared financial service mode.In recent years,the Ministry of Finance,State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other departments have continuously issued documents from the policy level to encourage large enterprises and enterprise groups to establish their own financial shared centers at the group level,to promote the transformation of accounting functions from accounting to management,and to improve the level of financial management of enterprise groups.The existing practice research of financial shared service center is mainly based on the enterprise group research under the condition of developed market economy.The ideology and economic system of our country determine the important role of public ownership economy in the national economy,and the reform and development of state-owned economy has its particularity compared with the western developed capitalist economy,and the difficulties and problems it faces are also different.The reform of state-owned enterprises is constrained by the government's policy orientation,fiscal system,the appreciation and preservation of state-owned capital,personnel structure,social responsibility and other aspects,and needs the support of feasible technology,economic efficiency,rational resource integration,and appropriate policy support and other conditions.This paper focuses on the feasibility study of the existing state-owned capital development stage and the financial shared service center under existing state-owned capital development stage and internal and external conditions,focusing on the particularity of the realization path of financial shared service center under the state-owned capital conforming to the historical trend of financial development.On this basis,this paper takes J group company as an example for further case analysis.J group company is a large state-owned transportation enterprise at the provincial level.In recent years,its business scale has been expanding day by day,its business plate has been expanding,and its subordinate members have been increasing,which has led to the decrease of financial efficiency,the surge of internal control risks,and the increasing difficulty of financial control.Financial shared service mode is an effective management means for enterprise groups to reduce management costs,strengthen financial control,achieve integration of industry and finance,and promote transformation and upgrading.Whether from the perspective of information technology development,government policyor internal development of enterprises,it is particularly important to vigorously implement the service mode of financial sharing.Financial shared service center is a financial innovation management mode that enterprise group financial organization,financial process and financial system are highly integrated with information technology under the support of Internet and other new technologies.In order to explore a suitable way for J group company to build a financial Shared service center,this paper selected the method of literature research,case study and chart analysis to demonstrate Financial shared service center is a financial innovation management mode which highly integrates financial organization,financial process,financial system and information technology with the support of new technologies such as the Internet.In order to explore the way to build the financial shared service center for J Group,this paper selects the literature research method,case study method and icon analysis method to demonstrate..Firstly,the existing research results of financial shared service center are described from the theoretical level.And then,takes J group as a case,starting from its enterprise characteristics,analyzes the current situation and problems of its financial management,and puts forward how to implement the financial shared service center to solve the related problems.This paper focuses on the construction of J group company financial about shared service center finishing planning,construction of the main content,construction steps,and simulation of the financial shared service center after the implementation of the possible results.Finally,the paper puts forward the support measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the financial shared service center of J group company.This paper combines the characteristics of transportation industry and the construction of financial shared service center of J group company,and the proposed construction model meets the needs of financial transformation and strategic development of J group company.Through the construction of financial shared service center,it can change the management problems of transportation infrastructure investment enterprises,such as widely dispersed,scattered distribution of financial staff,low efficiency of information integration and so on.Promote J group company to improve the efficiency of financial management,realize the value transformation of financial staff,and further expand the development space of enterprises.
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