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Research On The Smog Issue Report Of Science Net And Guo Huo Net From The Perspective Of Science Communication

Posted on:2019-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the haze is prevalent,the report about haze is always appeared in media.The haze is not only a environmental problem,but also a scientific problem.It has important theoretical and practical significance to regard the haze issue as a scientific problem,from the perspective of scientific communication,analysis of haze issues in the media.At present,the analysis of the haze topic is mainly focus on two hands:The analysis of haze in the context of frame theory;Analysis of haze under the perspective of environmental communication.However,there are few studies regard the haze issue as a scientific topic,and rely on the related theories of scientific communication.As a new media,network media provides a new open,diverse platform.This article selects "Science Net" and " Guokr" as the research object,with the scientific communication as the theory support,selecting 20 months of haze report(from 2013 to 2017,each year from October to January of the next year)as the study sample.From the number of reports,reporting section,reporting sources,reporting space,reporting topics,reporting positions and reporting tendency about seven aspects,using content analysis and comparative study method to study two media reports on haze.On this basis,using the theory of scientific communication to analyze the status and characteristics of the report,combining with the theory of scientific communication model to reflect the problems and the causes.Finally,discussing the inspiration and advice on the network media for scientific dissemination.The results of the study show that the similarities and differences between "Science Net" and " Guokr"are mainly manifested in the following aspects:from the number of reports on haze,The two major media reports on haze issues are basically similar to the trend,showing the trend of twists and turns,the volume of reports reached a peak in December in both media.From the source of the report and the section of the column,for "Science Net",blog is the main form,original and reprint manuscripts is main resource.for "Guokr",the article more constitute of the user's post and discussion and answer,the content is more scattered,users participate in the enthusiasm,but the authority is insufficient.According to the theme of the haze,two media tend to view the haze issue as a scientific topic."Science Net" pays more attention to the causes of haze and comprehensive science.For "Science Net",the theme is more diverse."Science Net" is mainly based on the scientific community,the neutral report is mostly,the"Guokr"is mainly in the public position,because the group discussion and the answer source are scattered,the report tendency is not good to define.This paper also summarizes the characteristics of two major media scientific communication.The haze report of the "Science Net" is dominated by the scientific community,exploring the frontier science through the macroscopic theme,and forming a serious and closed academic sharing circle.In the transition stage of the lack of scientific communication model to the context model;The public displays the participation demand in the "Guokr" through the discussion of the micro-topic,thus more close to the audience life,there are many problems to be solved in the practice of scientific communication,which is an immature democratic model.This article regard the model of democracy that promote the public participation in the science as the is believed that the popular science website is facing difficulties in the process of scientific communication,such as the absence of government positions,science and public neglect of communication and dialogue.and the negative impact of scientific media.The cause of the difficulties including policy lag,the lack of website attraction,supervision and evaluation mechanism is not in place,the scientific community is not a strong sense of communication,the public trust is not high.In the new media environment,this paper puts forward some suggestions for the scientific communication for other network media.The media should shoulder the responsibility of scientific communication,taking public participation in science as the direction of efforts and return to the scientific spirit to explore the practical theory of scientific communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:scientific communication, "Science Net", "Guokr", Haze, the public participation
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