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Indian Mode Of Science Communication And Case Study

Posted on:2020-05-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1368330572469065Subject:Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Science communication is the basic way to communicate scientific knowledge and improve public scientific literacy.The goal of science communication in India is to build a scientific society.The internal relationship between Indian Scientific Temper and science communication is a very meaningful research field.This study introduces the public science literacy of India as a catalyst of social change into the research of Indian science communication,and studies the mode and case of Indian science communication from the perspective of Indian public science literacy.This study attempts to introduce the concept of "Scientific Temper",which serves as a catalyst for social change,into the study of Indian science communication,and puts forward the Indian science communication model and case study from the perspective of Scientific Temper.It reveals that Indian science communication is influenced by many factors,such as politics,economy and social culture,among which political factors and socio-cultural factors constitute the main context of Indian science communication.Taking Indian Scientific Temper as an analytical framework,this paper systematically discusses the science communication activities in different periods in India,and discusses it from six aspects:First,it examines the transition of Indian Scientific Temper,selects relevant cases for research,and to investigate the Scientific Temper of pre-Nehru,the Scientific Temper of Nehru era,and the conceptual evolution and the post-Nehru period in detail.It reveals the cultural influence of public Scientific Temper on social economy and politics.Second,it combs the changes of Indian science revolution,through the textual investigation,according to the relevant research results of the stage conception of Indian science and technology history,it divides the change of Indian science revolution in stages:the colonial-tool stage,the peripheral-native stage and the Indian-response stage.This paper analyzes the social function of Indian science in different periods.Third,this paper analyzes the practical activities of the Indian People's Science Movement,points out the social and cultural background of the Indian People's Science Movement carried out by the non-governmental organizations of Indian science communication,and analyzes the social formation,development,concept and type of points out the social and cultural background of the Indian People's Science Movement carried out by the non-governmental organizations of Indian science communication,analyzes the formation,development,ideas and types of the Indian People's Science Movement.Taking six PSM cases,this paper classifies and analyzes the Indian People's Science Movement.Fourth,through the text analysis,the author examines Indian Minimum Science for Everyone and interprets the view of Indian Scientific Temper on the basis of the research on the text of the basic Indian Minimum Science for Everyone.Taking the construction process of "Indian Minimum Science for Everyone" and the curriculum characteristics of "Common Man's Science" as examples,this paper analyzes in detail the impact of the Indian popular science syllabus on science and the public,traditional science and modern science.The relationship between science education and science popularization is analyzed in detail.Fifth,through case analysis and theoretical modeling,this paper expounds the two new models of Cultural Distance and Science Culture Index indicators.This paper discusses the two models of Indian science communication,and points out the effects of the two models on the assessment of Indian scientific literacy and other countries.Sixth,the background,concepts and types of Public Engagement with Science are discussed.Through the context analysis of Public Engagement with scientific decision-making in India,this paper argues that Public Engagement with scientific decision-making is related to institutional factors,Scientific Temper,and the present situation of policies in India.The mechanism of Public Engagement with science and technology decision-making in India is analyzed through a case study of Public Engagement with the commercial cultivation of genetically modified eggplant.
Keywords/Search Tags:Scientific Temper, People's Science Movement, Minimum Science for Everyone, Cultural Distance, Public Engagement with Science
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