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Design And Implementation Of Log Collection And Analysis Platform For Securities Trading System

Posted on:2020-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330611454932Subject:Software engineering
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With the widespread use of information technology and Internet technology in the securities finance industry,more and more securities businesses are being completed through the Internet.With the continuous deepening of the informationization of the securities industry,the log data in the securities trading system has shown an explosive growth trend.These logs contain not only the operational status information of the system,but also a large amount of customer behavior information.In the traditional way,the processing of logs is based on a single point server,which is very limited in efficiency,scalability and storage,and it is more difficult to support log-based analysis processing.At the same time,the securities regulatory agency's requirements for securities companies to carry out online securities trading business,the log of the securities trading system must be preserved for a long time,in order to cooperate with the regulatory agencies to check the customer's related transaction behavior and system failures.In this context,the development of the log collection and analysis platform to achieve unified realtime collection,centralized storage and query analysis of the log data of the securities trading system is of great significance for improving the quality of supervision and improving the ability of business analysis.The main contents are listed as follows:(1)Analyze the functional requirements of the securities trading system log collection and analysis platform.The overall architecture of the securities trading system log collection and analysis platform is designed.It mainly consists of five modules: log collection module,data cache module,data processing module,data storage index module and structure visualization module.(2)According to the functions of each module in the overall architecture,combined with the actual log structure,the infrastructure and business process of each module are designed.Based on ELK Stack and Kafka message queue,the log collection and analysis platform of the securities trading system is realized.Supports unified logging,data caching,data processing,data storage and indexing,data analysis,and visualization of results.(3)Build and deploy a test environment for the log analysis platform to perform functional and performance tests on each module of the system.The actual application results show that the platform has stable running performance,can effectively and quickly complete the collection of securities trading system logs,reliable data transmission and centralized and unified storage of a large number of securities transaction logs,and realize log retrieval alarm and analysis functions,etc.Actual functional requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities trading, Log collection and analysis, ELK Stack, Big data
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