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Optimization Research On Supplier Relationship Management Of J Co.,Ltd.

Posted on:2021-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330602978268Subject:Business Administration
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China's semiconductor industry started late,while developed rapidly in recent years.Domestic LED chip manufacturers which is still the main market for future capacity expansion have occupied most of the global production capacity.with abroad companies cost control,many companies choose ODM chip factory in China,J company is an MOCVD equipment manufacturers,the half customers are in China,the company is a high-tech enterprise,equipped with strictly quality rules,especially involves the core product,from this point,J company have to strengthen supplier management,already accumulated a certain amount of resources in the cooperation for the past years,At the same time,it is also faced with some challenges,which force J company to make some management adjustments,strengthen the management of supplier relationship,and continuously optimize the management plan,improve the management measures,and promote the virtuous circle of cooperation with suppliers.Based on the theory of supply chain management,supplier relationship management,the literature review is the first step,have a lot of research on supplier relationship management(CRM)at home and abroad,less refer to MOCVD supplier management,according to the actual situation,points out the existing issues,such as supplier selection standard,the selection method...etc,then analyze the affecting factors,issue some measures could be proceed successfully,at the same time,set up some measures to ensure J company could strengthen suppliers management,based on this paper,can provide certain reference for the MOCVD equipment manufacturer industry how to strengthen the cooperation with suppliers,as well as to the entire semiconductor industry supplier of benign competition,the establishment of gradually realize the win-win situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:supplier chain management, supplier relationship management, Supplier relationship optimization
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